What I've Been Watching #2

So, as y'all know, whenever holidays roll around, so do the tv show binge watching tymz. I've been marathoning a couple of shows (OITNB season 3!) but I also thought I'd mention a few shows that I've been watching and enjoying lately and that often gave me brief reprieve from endless study (can't say those breaks were very well deserved :P ). You can read the first installment of this 'series' here

Introduced to me by my friend Yasmin (as the best shows always are ;) ), Outlander took a couple of episodes for me to really get into but it is seriously amazing once you do! The second half of the season is especially riveting, for real, it's a ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS AND TWISTS AND TURNS. This show is HEAVY so it's not really for the faint of heart (or people under 16? 18? Idk, there be some explicit scenes y'all) but it's addictive and the story is really nothing like anything on TV right now. Basically, a woman is swept 200 years back in time to 17th century Scotland and about her adjusting to her new environment - there is action, romance and intrigue. Would recommend if you enjoy Game of Thrones!

This came very highly recommended by Vanessa and I pretty much loved it from the first episode! It's basically like your typical crime show but funny! And with ah-mazing, unique and quirky characters who all have different personalities that add character to the show. There were a couple of characters that I thought I would dislike but I ended up growing to love!

I watched Murder House earlier in the year and while I enjoyed it, it wasn't anything I'd massively rave about. I started watching Asylum on Netflix (sped through the season pretty quickly) because, why not, and I must say, I really liked it! I didn't find it as spooky as the first season, probably because (thank gawd) I don't live in an Asylum lol but I just liked the characters in this season better and the story line was a bit more riveting and shocking. I will be watching season 3 soon but not yet cos this shiz be heavy.

Season 2 premiered pretty recently and the season finale was last week! I don't hear much about Silicon Valley but seriously, I think it's one of my favourite comedies? It's hilarious (to me) but not in the most obvious way? It's a unique kind of dark humour (what am I saying) but a sort of humour I've come to really enjoy. I often find in a lot of comedies like The Big Bang Theory or 2 Broke Girls, etc recycle a lot of jokes and just become unfunny because it's such typical humour. Silicon Valley is basically about the tech industry and one particular guy (and his coder and engineering friends) creating an app which leads on to bigger and better things...! The characters are each hilarious in their own way and in how they interact with each other. I think I liked season 2 better just because the storyline had a few more plot twists! 

I'm actually in the middle of watching the season 3 finale as I type up this post (it's paused, of course)! Orphan Black is an absolutely amazing show with a very unique and cool concept and story line - and IMPECCABLE acting. It's basically about clones and the show develops each of the characters' (there are 4 main clones, but you encounter countless others through the course of the show) storylines, threats they face and discovering how they came to be. Tatiana Maslany plays said clones and legit, I constantly forget that they are played by the same person. She plays each clone SO WELL, portrays their individual personalities and characteristics - it's amazing. A must watch if only to witness the sheer talent of tatmas!

A bit of a random watch that I'd heard about from a couple of people. It's a Netflix original comedy co-created by Tina Fey about Kimmy, a woman who was kept in an underground bunker for 15 years by a crazed reverend who believed the apocalypse was coming. She gets out and decides to move to New York and the show explores her adventures and learning how things have changed! It's not my favourite comedy ever, but it's an easy show to just put on and watch. Sometimes the farfetched-ness can be a bit much sometimes but I've come to get over it and enjoy!