Empties #10

It's time to check in with my empties bin! My little bucket has been piling up and I thought I better get out an empties post before the year is out! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of how many products I've managed to get through over the year and these posts have been semi-regular every 3 months-ish. Gold star for effort ayy. Anyway, onto tha goodz. Also ignore the weird colouring differences...foil-y metallic background is hard to photograph on!

Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo* and Conditioner*
I'm not that fussy with shampoo and conditioner, especially since I've gotten my hair cut so my hair isn't damaged anymore (yay!). These were pretty nice though, nothing spesh but they got the job done well and my hair was pretty soft after!
Repurchase? Not right now, but y'know if they on sale and cheap, why nawt.

Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine*
I've had this mask for aaaages but it's lasted me well. This is by far the most luxurious mask I've used. It is diviiiiine. It leaves my hair feeling SO soft and nourished and delightful. However, it is SUPER expensive and since my hair isn't damaged anymore, I feel it would be wasted on me.
Repurchase? No.

L'oreal Mythic Oil
Again, been working my way through this guy for an age. A lovely hair oil, but, when it comes to hair oils, I can't tell that much difference. It made my hair shiny, soft and moisturised, but didn't make my hair feel greasy or weighed down!
Repurchase? Not right now, I literally have like five more hair oils to get through :P

Lush Angels on Bare Skin 
I got this sample and pretty much used it up within the week. I really like this stuff. It's like a super gentle, yet effective exfoliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think it worked super well for my skin too.
Repurchase? Would totally in the future, but I have a few scrubs to get through first.

Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
Annoyingly, I still have a couple of uses left but this guy is weeeeeeeeeeell past its use-by date. I even used it like a week or two after it "expired". That's the one annoying thing about the fresh face masks, and the reason I wouldn't buy them (I get them by returning 5 empty containers). Cosmetic Warrior was interesting. The smell is pretty intense...it's like garlic-y and pretty gross, but tolerable (for me). This is basically supposed to calm down spots and in general just help clear up the skin, but gently? I used it like three times a week which seems excessive but USE-BY DATE and after a couple of weeks I think it really helped my skin! You don't get instantaneous results but I feel like it was a great, gentle mask.
Repurchase? Might get it again in the future, though I want to try some of their other masks.

This was my morning cleanser/no makeup days cleanser for a good while. I really liked it! It's a basic, gentle cream cleanser that works well to clean and refresh the skin. I didn't really use it when my skin was super dirty/makeup-laden as I don't think it's...strong(?) enough. It is really nice though, and it served its purpose!
Repurchase? Probably not, it's a nice basic product I think I could get for cheaper!

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
My favourite face wipes so far! I use these on light-ish makeup days (and then double cleanse after) to remove makeup. These ones are really gentle, moist enough and get most makeup off well enough - not waterproof though.
Repurchase? For sure! I already have a backup pack.

As I mentioned in my brand focus, I ended up with two minis of this serum. I'm on my second bottle and can't say I love it. The texture is watery and sinks in super well, I like how it feels on my skin but can't say it's made a massive difference in my scars. I feel like it's okay, but not amazing?
Repurchase? Probably not.

I actually still have a tiny bit left of this but I doubt I'll get around to using it since I'm well into my Benzac gel. I used to loooove this stuff, and this is my second bottle, but I think my skin just got used to it as it wasn't working as well and I found myself using a lot more of it. Right now I'm super happy with my Benzac spot treatment.
Repurchase? Probably not, though possibly in the future.

I used this as my morning cleanser as well and seriously loved it! It's a super gentle, efficient way to incorporate a low level of chemical exfoliation into your routine. When used regularly, I definitely think it helped with the texture, brightness and clarity of my skin, though it is gentle so it takes time! Again, I didn't use this to remove makeup or anything, just as a morning cleanse which is worked really well as!
Repurchase? I would love to but at the moment I have a few cleansers to get through. 

I absolutely loved this moisturiser! Since this was the rich version (they have a version for every skin type!) I used it as a night cream, though also sometimes during the day if I was bumming around and felt dry. It's super basic but really nourishing, gentle and just super moisturising! There's not much to say, but it's an excellent no frills moisturiser if you're looking for one!
Repurchase? Not right now as I'm drowning in moisturisers but would consider next winter!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
My second bottle of the stuff and I go through it like water (ehehhhh cos it basically is). I've become addicted to using a spray toner after my normal toner (high maintenance much?) and I'm not sure it makes the hugest difference but my skin is more hydrated and prepped for dat skincare action? This one is super lovely...not much more to say! I'm actually using a Trilogy one right now as I couldn't repurchase in time and I definitely prefer this one - especially as it's cheaper!
Repurchase? Totally.

Finally got through this hand cream! I put it on hold for a while but finally used it up! This is a super lovely hand cream. It is really nourishing but not as INTENSE as the name suggests as it doesn't leave the hands feeling too greasy afterward! The smell was interesting too, but pleasant!
Repurchase? It was nice but probably not!

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
Well look at that, just the right time to be talking about this since it's back for the holidays (I think). I bought this in the Boxing day sales laaast year and it took me a while to use on and off. I liked it but..a shower gel's a shower gel. The scent is so lovely though, like rosy but also lemon-y!
Repurchase? Perhaps in the sales this year?

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*Products provided for consideration.