NOTD // Street Flair

Nail of the days used to be a monthly occurrence round these parts but lately I've just gotten really lazy with my nails! I used to change up my polish every four days (like clockwork!), but lately I've just been letting it chip off and changing it once a week at most. I just can't be bothered really, plus where I work is very hard on my hands as I'm constantly ripping open boxes, etc so my polish really doesn't last very long! I also had a gel manicure which lasted like a month so I didn't use any other polishes then haha :P I have picked up a few new polish shades lately though and have been trying them all out, slowly but surely. I figured I'd squeeze in one last manicure for the year featuring one of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel polishes in the shade Street Flair

I bought this shade myself in the Priceline 40% off sale, partly because Cherie gave me the Miracle Gel top coat (she already had it and we got it at a blogger event, though my goodie bag was missing it! :( ). The whole Miracle Gel range is supposed to be your at-home gel manicure, offering 14 days of colour and shine without the need of a UV lamp or messy, time consuming removal. I was skeptical of the wear time, of course, but this polish actually performed really well! Firstly, the formula is really lovely! The polish is pretty opaque and two coats gives full opacity, though one thick one could probably do the job. Coupled with the top coat, the finish really is quite glossy though the super shine doesn't last too long. Like I said, I just recently had a REAL gel manicure which was pretty amazing - those things literally do not chip! However, I didn't have pure acetone (and obviously wasn't going to pay to have it removed) so I resorted to peeling off the gel polish...whoops. My nails are now really damaged so pretty much all polishes since have been chipping really easily since my nails are peeling and weak. Considering that, the lasting power of the Miracle Gel polish was actually really good! It wore well for about a week, chipping after around 4-ish days? If my nails were in their usual state (and I wasn't ripping open boxes) I can imagine this being chip free for a week!

Street Flair is a gorgeous shade, the type of shade I've been super into lately! It's a dusty, mauvey lavender shade that I think is super chic and neutral, whilst still being kind of colourful. It actually dries a little darker that what it looks like in the bottle which I don't mind as either way it's a lovely colour.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this polish. The formula is great, wear time is good and the shade is super wearable! I don't know if it's really necessary to buy the top coat though, I may have to do some experimenting as to whether it really makes a difference versus a regular top coat. I've also read people using the gel top coat over normal polishes and it working well too! Regardless of the gel claims, it's a really great polish!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel range?