Game. Set. Match.

It's been a while since I've reviewed a foundation round these parts...In fact my last was of the Bourjois Happy Light foundation which was over a year ago. Say whuuut?! It's not like I haven't gotten new foundations since then but I'm a fickle chick and more often than not, I never get the right shade so I end up mixing it with another foundation therefore altering the formula. Oops. I was however sent Rimmel's latest base launches, their reformulated Match Perfection Foundation* and their Fix & Protect Makeup Primer*. I've actually been meaning to try Match Perfection for yonkles since a bunch of people rave about it, but I've never gotten around to it as I have a crap load of bases (though, I don't use a lot of them so only like 3?). I've also been on a bit of a primer kick lately so I was super keen to try these two products!

L-R: Primer blended, Foundation

Match Perfection foundation SPF 20 in 200 Soft Beige* (30mL, $18.95)
I'm a fan of the packaging overall, a glass bottle with a pump - can't ask for more really! The outer lid doesn't fasten on though, so don't make the mistake of picking it up by the lid because the glass bottle will probably drop. Ooh I'll also mention the scent, it's the same as the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, fresh, clean and pretty non-offensive but probably uneccessary.

K. So here's where I probably contradict (or agree?) with my opening statements. I don't have the right shade in this. DOH. For a foundation that's called Match Perfection, it's ironic that I don't have a perfect match. The reformulated version comes in eight shades. I can't remember how many shades the original formula came in but I feel like it was quite a few more. I was actually sent two shades, Soft Beige and True Beige (which I chose so entirely my fault) but Soft Beige is about two shades too dark, and True Beige is another step down and quite orange-y. I went instore for a bit of a swatch and the shade up (Light Nude) is a bit too pinky for me. In saying that, I can get away with Soft Beige when applied sheerly and given the finish and formula of the foundation, though lately I've been mixing it with lighter foundations! Enough rambling about the shade now!

This foundation is supposed to be weightless, perfect the skin, blur pores, provide hydration, etc, etc, ET CETERA. The texture of the foundation is relatively thick and creamy but spreads and blends easily. I've only tried it with a brush and it applied really well and blended easily. I would say the coverage is a buildable light-medium. Overall the finish is satin/slightly on the dewy side, but definitely gets dewier throughout the day on my combo/oily skin. For something that supposedly provides "24hr moisture" I don't get too oily which is good, but with the accompanying primer and a setting spray, I do get a little oil breakthrough in the t-zone after a long day, but generally my skin does still look fresh! Besides the oil breakthrough, it doesn't break-up or patch off, and doesn't dry my skin out at all or accentuate dryness (too noticeably) on initial application or throughout the day. I don't know that the coverage is "undetectable" or "invisible" but I will say that the formula is super comfortable on the skin and definitely gives a natural, skin-like look which is what I love! I can see this working for a lot of skin types too, from dry to combination/oily, just not super oily probably!

Fix & Protect Makeup Primer SPF 25* (30mL, $13.95)
Initially I was a bit confused as to the purpose of this primer. It claims to smooth the skin, brighten and prolong makeup wear, but predominantly it's aim is to protect the skin from the sun (with SPF 25), stress and pollution. I can't say it fulfills any particular job to the fullest, but it's a pretty good all rounder. It has a thin, liquidy consistency and blends and absorbs easily and quickly. The first three ingredients are water, a silicone and glycerin which is pretty promising from my general primer knowledge? To address its claims, it does smooth the skin a little, not crazy like a silicone, pore filling primer, but my skin feels somewhat prepped for foundation. It is slightly brightening as it contains a tiny bit of shimmer, but it's nothing noticeable and definitely not a radiant primer. I can't really say it prolongs the wear of my makeup that much though, and I don't think it helps control oil, but I do find it slightly hydrating, and not at all drying so I guess that's the flip side. As for anti-stress and anti-pollution, I dunno bro. I'm still pretty stressed :P. 

I have to say, these two new launches from Rimmel are good 'uns. Generally Rimmel gets a pretty good rap for their base products and I can see why! I really like the foundation and could see it becoming a daily product...if I had the right shade! For now though, its helping me get use out of my too light foundations (seriously, only like one of my foundations actually matches my skintone). The primer is nice but nothing special. It's a good everyday, no fuss, something-something to put on before makeup, ja feel? I do really recommend checking these products out though, and they're really affordable, so it can't hurt?

What are your thoughts on Rimmel base prods?

*Products sent for consideration.