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Before I get into the post, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope y'all have a joyous Christmas break filled with fun, family and FOOD. I also hope you guys are having a better Christmas Eve than me...I'm working all day today unfortunately (hella unexcited as I type this up the night before). Working retail during Christmastime is the WORST. I'm kinda sad I didn't do any festive posts this year, I usually do a NOTD post or something but I just haven't had time, nor have I really felt that festive! Oh wells, everyone and their dog has gift guides and holiday tutorials up anyways! Today's post is just a roundup of some new skincare I've been trying lately. Sort of a haul but with mini reviews!

Model Co Cleansing Foam
I wasn't actually too keen for this, but I got it through one of Priceline's skincare goodie bags and as I'm trying to work through all the products I have, I broke this guy out once I'd finished my last cleanser. Seeing as it's called a cleansing foam, I assumed that it would be quite drying and leave my skin feeling tight. Surprisingly though, it's quite pleasant! Maybe it's because it's dispensed as a foam it's not as drying because apparently what causes foaming cleansers to be drying it the lathering action on the skin (I think??). Either way, this cleanser is super lightweight and gentle, it's not moisturising, but not drying. I don't think it would work that well with removing makeup, but I like it as a second or morning cleanse!

Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner
As I mentioned in my empties post, unfortunately I'm not loving this guy as much as the Mario Badescu mist! I bought this one because MB isn't conveniently available for me and I decided to try something new. I must say I do really like the packaging. It's a frosted glass bottle and the mist is really fine and refreshing. I can't say the actual toner is anything special though, and given the MB one is like half the price, I won't be repurchasing.

asap B Super Complex*
I was super excited to be able to trial this serum as this particular one is aimed toward radiance and clarity, which y'all know I need lots of! I've been using this nightly for about three weeks, but you can use it morning and night. So far I haven't noticed a drastic difference but, as always, products like these take time. I do think it's helped a teeny bit with skin texture, and overall skin tone, but hopefully it can help even more! The formula is a thin, slightly sticky gel that spreads and absorbs really easily. Can't say I'm a fan of the scent but it dissipates!

REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial
I talked about this briefly in one of my empties where I had a sample, but I ended up buying one of REN's holiday sets which contained this, a mini of the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask, a mini Micro polish cleanser and a sample of the Wake Wonderful serum. This is the only product I've used so far (even though I really bought it for the mask!) just because I don't want to overload my skin with a bunch of exfoliating treatments and masks. I use this facial once or twice a week, pretty much in place of an exfoliator (I also use Alpha-H Liquid Gold) and my skin has been super soft and pretty glowy too! The texture and formula of this product is so curious. It's a light green grainy, almost gel-balm that feels weird initially applied. You then wet it to activate the vitamin C and it almost starts to feel a bit rubbery! Sometimes if your skin is particularly dry or in need of a scrub, your dead skin will start to pill off too! I can't say this has the most instantaneous or drastic results so far, but it is a nice product and a good way to exfoliate the skin gently. Another thing I should mention, this does dry my skin out straight after using it!

A'kin Kaolin Clay & Lemongrass Express Purifying Facial Masque*
This isn't a product I had overly high hopes for but I actually think it's attributed to my relatively good skin of late! I've been using this for wow, maybe 1-2 months, twice a week and my skin has been in pretty good condition, as I mentioned in my Antipodes review. This mask is "express" meaning you can wash it off after only five minutes, but I tend to leave mine on for twenty. The texture is really thin and quite lightweight, super comfortable actually! It's really easy to wash off and doesn't leave the skin feeling dry and tight! It contains clay, but also witch hazel and the difference in the skin isn't immediate, but I feel like with constistent use it helps gently clarify the skin and prevent breakouts somewhat!

Model Co Cleansing Foam
L-R: asap Super B Complex, REN Flash Rinse 1 minute Facial, A'kin Express Purifying facial mask
All of these products have slotted into my routine really well and I'll certainly continue using them and keep you guys updated of any changes! I've got a pretty solid routine going now and my skin is really enjoying it! Again, I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and don't go too wild at the Boxing Day sales! I won't be hitting up the shops on Saturday but I think I'll pop in on Sunday...

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*Products sent for consideration.