What I've Been Watching #4

We should just start calling this series, "What I'm watching on Netflix rn" tbh. But anyways, as predicted, I've been watching BUNCH of new shows as I'm on holidays, though still super busy! Mostly I'm just working and watching tv...need to catch up on reading blog posts, whoops! ALSO, another shoutout to Jessica Jones which I mentioned in my November Favourites. I was going to talk about it again because, y'know, IT DESERVES ANOTHER SHOUTOUT, but then I would have five posters and that doesn't make an even shape...lel. Anyway, WATCH JESSICA JONES IT'S REALLY GOOD.

Master of None
I was super excited for this show because I looooooooove Aziz Ansari, he is just such an adorable, hilarious dude. I mean I just love that funny voice he does all the time??? Anyway, Master of None is such a unique show and dayum it just really good. It's a comedy but a very relatable/realistic one that touches on quite a few real world issues. My favourite episodes are probably 'Indians on TV' and 'Parents'. The cast is super diverse and it's just a really enjoyable, witty comedy. 

This show has gotten sooo much hype, and though it's probably not something I'd immediately gravitate toward, I really enjoyed it. It's a crime drama based on the real life events of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar and the American DEA agents trying to bring him down. I found this series super interesting as I know nothing about this subject and the plot was well paced, though I found it got really good toward the end. It's kind of unbelievable that this stuff actually happened, which is why I think it's all the more interesting and engaging. Warning contains adult scenes! (I kinda feel the need to disclose that???)

This show came hiiiighly recommended by my friend who sang its praises. I wasn't sure of the premise of this show and it all seemed a bit confusing, and really, the pilot isn't super riveting. BUT, push through and you'll soon find yourself addicted and be up to episode 7 and be like "what da heck just happened". Basically, it's about eight people who are mentally linked and each person has their own story and each help each other. It's SUPER hard to explain, but basically each has a special skill and by being linked, they can utilise eachother's skills to help them out of various situations. That's probably what I enjoy most about the show is the teaming up and working together - it's KEWL. Also, the cast is super diverse as they're all over the world and once you get into it, it's really interesting and because there are so many story lines, it really keeps you there! Warning contains adult scenes!

And to finish on a classic! I'm actually still in the process of watching this, just finished season 4! I've been meaning to watch this show for ages but never got around to it! I finally decided to get on it seeing as it's done by the same people as Parks & Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Michael Schur), both shows I LOVE. Like Parks & Rec though, the first season was not the best, but it did pick up and I did start to really enjoy it! At this point, I still reeeeeeeeeeaaaally dislike Steve Carell's character though... He is just sooo cringe I can't. Apparently you end up loving him so I'll have to keep watching! If you don't know what The Office is about though (errr it's in the title :P), it's a mockumentary much like Parks & Rec, but set in an office. The characters are sooo quirky and odd, but uniquely hilarious. I LIVE for Jim and Pam though...I die. Jim is the real MVP <3 <3 <3