Reflecting on...2015

I was deliberating on whether or not to do one of "these" posts as I'm really not one for reflecting, or goal setting - so don't expect any new year's resolutions from me! But I don't know, the thought popped into my head so I thought, why da heck not. This post is probably a little late too since everyone's all like "HELLOOOOO 2016", but anyway, let's have a chit chat shall we.

So 2015 was a pretty blah year for me to be honest. Besides completing my first year of university, I also finally got my drivers licence after a couple of years of learning. That was probably the most challenging thing of the year, and what caused me the most anxiety and stress (manual is hard!!), but also the most relief and I'm super happy to have passed on the first go! 2015 was also my first proper year of working! I got a job at Priceline late 2014 which was all fun and games 'till they (basically) fired me. Long story short, I'm too old and expensive and they stopped giving me shifts :'( Isn't that always the way. I managed to get another job a month later, while still in retail, it's a lot more labour intensive, with much longer hours, but at least they give me work, right?!

As far as uni goes, it was both as difficult as I thought it'd be, and a little bit more relaxed. Like most people say, the biggest difference between high school and university is that you don't constantly have teachers telling you what to do, or reminding you to do your assignments, etc, etc. Especially with the course I'm doing (Business/Media and Communication), a lot of it is independent study with not that many contact hours. The first few weeks were really cruise-y and I felt like I had so much free time! But then, during the assessment periods I was SO stressed and in retrospect, definitely my own fault. Something I need to improve on this year is time management. I need to keep up with readings and make sure I plan out assignments, etc and start them ahead of time. Let's be real though, this has been something I've needed to improve on for YEARS and it starts out alright in the first few weeks but always goes downhill...We'll see how I go this year ay. One of my biggest "concerns", I guess, was having to make new friends. I've found it really difficult to make actual friends at uni because you might meet someone in a lecture, and never see them again, or friends you make in tutorials you won't see the next semester. I have made a few good friends but they're not at that level where you hang out with them outside of uni, y'know? I've managed to keep in touch with my main highschool mates though, which is great! 

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but last year had a few ups and downs regarding ze blog. Like I said, especially during assessment periods and with my casual job, I found I was so stressed and had zero time for blogging! It's kinda weird that during year 12 which was definitely more intense and stressful for me, I still consistently had two posts going up every week, whereas last year there were breaks and sometimes only a post a week. In 2014, I planned ahead so well and would write posts ahead of time for my busy periods - I was so dang good! I don't know why but that went out the window last year, probably due to the false notion that I had heaps of free time... I've gotten into the bad routine of taking photos the day before and rush writing a post late the night before. I also think I've just had a lapse in motivation lately? I don't know, it's not like I want to take a break from blogging as I still THOROUGHLY enjoy makeup and beauty, and interacting with you guys, and I WANT to write posts, and take good, creative photos but sometimes I'm just like efffoorrrt and will procrastinate even blogging (there's another resolution: PROCRASTINATE LESS). There have been a few posts published that I wasn't 100% happy with, but in my mind I'd rather get a post up than not, plus I'm lazy and often won't be bothered to retake photos, or rewrite a post. This isn't the greatest mindset as I don't want to be posting just for the sake of posting, so this year I really want to put more effort into blog posts that I'm happy with, and perhaps have to sacrifice the amount of posts that go up. Quality over quantity right!?

Well that was a hella rambly post...whoever stuck with me and actually takes an interest in my life...why? Haha jks - THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. The takeaway I guess, y'know, if I were to make goals and resolutions (but can I commit to dat shiz) is to be more organised and manage my time better regarding both uni and blog lyfe, try and make friends (??? gah so hard) and be more MAD ABOUT LIFE, y'know, get those motivational juices flowin'. Let's hope 2016 is a good year though! If I'm planning to be more organised...I should probably buy a diary hey (I'm waiting for them to go on sale alrighthhtht). The thing I'm most excited about is my US trip at the end of THIS month! It's so soon! Hopefully I will have some travel related posts coming and wishlists and hauls galore!

(also I got my new laptop yaaaay, as you may have spotted in the photo. Buh-byeeee craptop! Reasons why I'm currently broke though, and will definitely only get broke-r with my US trip...)