My Top 6 Movies of 2015

Back again with another 2015 related post...I just can't get past it can I?? I felt the need to do some sort of media/entertainment round-up post from the year, but throughout the year I've pretty much kept y'all updated with my music and tv loves - nothing new to report there! I haven't, however, talked overmuch of the movies I enjoyed last year. I thought I would dedicate a little post to my favourite movies from 2015. I chose six purely because that's how many posters fit evenly into a rectangle (lmao). I thought I was going to have to narrow down from, like, over 10, but turns out I could pretty much only come up with six... I was pretty shocked by that considering a lot of movies came out last year, but I suppose I had lukewarm feelings about most of them. Also, obviously I haven't seen every movie released in 2015 and there are still a tonne I need to watch! Now I'm no movie critic and this is a purely subjective list of movies I enjoyed watching! Also, in no particular order!

It's only right that the biggest film of the year made it to my list...It's mind-boggling that this movie managed to make, like, the most amount of money of the year in only two weeks! Now, I was never a Star Wars fan prior to the release of this movie, I had zero inclination to watch them but my fandom has been...awakened. The hype in the lead up to the release of this movie was UNREAL so I decided I needed to get on that bandwagon. I watched both the original and prequel trilogies in preparation and while I enjoyed them, I probably didn't fully appreciate them. I can see why they are a massive part of pop culture though, and they are amazing films for their time! Episode VII however, is definitely a movie for my generation. GUYS, I LOVED IT. It is super reminiscent of Episode IV, but what I consider a new, improved version. What I loved most for sure were the new characters. Rey, Finn, Poe and BB-8 are all my bbys - BB-8 ESPECIALLY DOE. I just had a lot of fun watching this movie, it's action-packed, funny and the characters and their relationships are supa cute. This is the film that made me a true Star Wars fan!

Now, OBVIOUSLY a Marvel movie had to make my list. Are we surprised it's not Age of Ultron though?? To be quite honest, I didn't love that movie...Ant-Man however, blew me out of the water! I think this was the most unanticipated Marvel movie ever, people just saw the premise and were like...dat looks stupid, but actually IT'S FREAKIN' BOMB. As much as I love Marvel movies, sometimes you can almost get fatigue from how much goes on in one single movie. SO much action and explosions and EPICness that sometimes it's a bit much and they can get so packed that they lose the story. Ant-Man was pretty simplistic and I really enjoyed it. The story was really great, as always though, Marvel could work on their villain. Paul Rudd as Scott Lang was amazing though, I freakin love Paul Rudd and his performance was hilarious. It introduced me to a character I had zero knowledge of and I'm super excited to see him in Civil War!

I had just about zero expectations for this film but actually, it's one that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed. I just loved the 60s spy style, and I found it absolutely hilarious, witty, with great action and just an all round really enjoyable watch. The characters were great too. I fell in love with Alicia Vikander, and DAYUM Henry, you lookin' geeeeeewd. I do love a good enemies to friends story, and even better, an enemies to friends to loverssss ;)

Man, the FEELS from this movie. First of all, I was so pumped for this because it has a bunch of amazing voices in it like Amy Poehler (the absolute PERFECT choice for Joy), Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, etc. As always, it's an animated film that manages to hit RIGHT in the feels. As you would expect, this film made me feel a whole LOT of emotions, I laughed, I CRIEEED and gawd I just, THIS MOVIE. It was an amazing idea, executed excellently - the personification of a rollercoaster of emotions!

Technically a 2014 film, but it was released on the first of January 2015 here, so Imma count it! This was such an interesting film for me. I had pretty much no knowledge of Alan Turing and I learnt so much through this film! You know it's a good movie when you go home and google for hours about the people in it. I found his life so intriguing and also devastating, he really was an extraordinary man and I think the film portrayed his life story breathtakingly. Benedict's performance was amazing as usual!

Another spy movie, but a really unique one at that. It's a modern movie, but with an almost classical twist and I reeeeally enjoyed it. I think the action sequences were really well done and like some very shocking but badass moments, like the blades-for-legs chick??!? WAT. And also that church scene...dayuuum. I love how the film came full circle at the end, and I really enjoyed Eggsy's character arc!

Started off strong then I just ended up rambling lol. I wish I could be all intellectual and talk about the screenplay and cinematography but naaaah mate I ain't that smart. BASICALLY, I just really liked these movies K. Anyway, 2016 is gonna be a huge year for movies, especially comic book movies, what with both DC and Marvel coming out with a few movies each! Though, let's be real, MARVEL ALL THE WAY. (You have NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR. I AM DED. Also Doctor Strange is looking geeeeewwwwd, SO GEWD.) K caps lock got its workout, I'm out.

Now tell me, what movies did you love from 2015?