The USA Wishlist // Drugstore

Ever since we booked our flights to the US many months ago, I've been formulating my wishlist, albeit, mentally. Writing it down would make me realise just HOW MANY things I wanted and how much it would all cost... However, seeing as my trip is two weeks away (!!!), I figured I should probably sit down and write down a LEGIT wishlist. I ain't playin' yo, I got my excel spreadsheet going with products, prices and where to buy them - WISHLISTIN' IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Legitimately though, it took me like half a day to do it all, researching what I wanted, looking up recommendations - it was an arduous task indeed. If I actually shared every single product with you guys...it would be a long-ass post. I figured I would tell y'all my must haves, and you guys can leave me your recommendations too! (feed me, enable me). A high end edition will be coming next week!

Surprisingly, there are only a few products from Milani that I really want, though let's be real, when I'm at the stand, I'll probably throw a million more things into my basket. My MUST is for sure their Luminoso baked blush (I also really want Berry Amore). This blush just gets so much hype and I've literally wanted it for, like, three years. I also want to pick up one of their Rose Powder Blushes, probably Coral Cove, because they're just so pretty! The other product I really want to check out is their new Amore Matte Lip Creme (you'll notice I want a lot of matte liquid lipsticks...). These have gotten pretty good reviews, plus the shades are really pretty! I'm eyeing up Precious, Loved and Gorgeous. 

The only thing I really want to check out from L'oreal is their Pro Matte Gloss, which Tati recently gave a rave review. They sound really intriguing and I love the look of the shades Bare Attraction and Nude Allude. I'm also suuuper curious about their new Lumi Cushion Foundation, but that's launching pretty soon in Australia so I think I'll wait it out!

Though we'll be getting the Creamy Matte Lipsticks pretty soon here, there are still a bunch of shades that won't be launching that I REALLY want to get my hands on, such as Nude Nuance and Clay Crush. I'll probably end up picking up Touch of Spice and Divine Wine while I'm at it. I also want to pick up one of their Color Elixirs in Breathtaking Apricot which is a shade that didn't get released here. I absolutely adore the formula of these and that shade looks ah-maaazing. I also want to try their new setting spray as it's supposed to be a great drugstore option!

There are a tonne of NYX products that the US has that we don't, so I'll check out the stand and see what looks good. I do really want to grab the Micro Brow Pencil as it's supposed to be a super good dupe of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. I'm still undecided on the Brow Wiz, I've been wanting to try it for ages but it's sooo expensive considering you get like zero product. I've pretty much convinced myself just to get the dupe! While I'm at it, I think I'll pick up the Control Freak brow gel as Emily Noel loves it!

I'm super excited to be able to see Pixi products in the flesh, their skincare especially has been getting raves lately! A must is definitely the Glow Tonic which I've been wanting to try for years. I'm also tossing up between the Milky Mist and the Glow Mist, either way they both sound like lovely hydrating, dewy sprays. I also want to check out the Endless Silky Eye Pens which I seem to recall getting raves!

H&M Beauty
H&M's beauty line will supposedly be launching here this year, but I might as well pick up some bits while I'm over there right?! I'm absolutely desperate for the Blushes (both cream and powder) as I'm obsessssedddd with that packaging! Shade wise I'm not too fussed and I'll check them out instore, though Cameo Pink seems to be a fave among many! I also definitely want to pick up their eyeshadow in Baci de Dama which both Lily Pebbles and Kathleen Lights have raved about! I'm also keen to check out their cream shadows, lipsticks and eyeliners I think!

There are a few Kiko stores in the cities I'm going to so I really want to pop into one and check out the range. It's a brand I've heard so much about but it's incredibly hard to get here, like I don't even think we can get it online? I DEFINITELY want to pick up their Long lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Rosy Brown (the supposed dupe for By Terry Misty Rock) and their Water shadow in 208 (the supposed dupe for MAC Whisper of Guilt). I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed in the store and BUY ALL THE THINGS though!

I'm reaaaally hoping I get a chance to go to the store in Burbank, seems like a missed opportunity if I don't! The obvious product I really want to pick up is the 35O palette, I've been getting more and more into warm, rusty shades and this palette just looks so gorgeous. It's so affordable too! I'm now also contemplating the Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette since it seems like they still stock it there but I really don't need both...do I.... Anyway, I also really want to check out their brushes! I have quite the list from Jaclyn's recommendations! And they also stock Jeffree Star so I'm thinking of picking up a couple of his Velour Liquid Lips, probably Celebrity Skin and Unicorn Blood

So yeeeeah, I want a lot of stuff. Let me know y'all, what should I get, what do I NEED, any tips for going shopping? What's up with the price differences, where are da prods cheapest? Anyway, let's be real, I'm probably going to be impulse buying a heck of a lot but GUIZ I'm gonna TRY and be good(ish) and only buy things I need/can't get in Aus/are significantly cheaper. Wish me luck!