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Primer is one of those temperamental products that works for some people and doesn't for others. With my oily skin, primer is something I swear by and depend on to keep my makeup on all day! I've found some solid primers that work well for my skin, but I'm still on the hunt for the perfect mattifying primer that will control oil all day (the dream!). I thought I would run through my primer collection and give you guys reviews on them - some I love and some (or one) I don't... As I mentioned - I've got a very oily t-zone and pretty normal cheeks so keep that in mind when reading!

L-R: The Ordinary, Max Factor, NYX
The first three are good primers for longevity that I typically apply all over the face!

I've got a full review on this here so I won't go too in-depth. This is a really great basic primer that I find helps my makeup stay on longer and helps control oil a bit. It's got a really comfortable texture that once blended in feels like nothing on the skin! Despite having silicone in the name, it doesn't really have that smoothing or slippy silicone feeling. I find this one a really great budget everyday primer when you want your makeup to last well but don't need it on all day.

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer
This is my holy grail primer and my third bottle of the stuff! I swear by it! It's very similar to The Ordinary one - maybe slightly more of a smoothing texture, and it lasts a bit longer. Again it's super comfortable on the skin, feels like nothing and works with pretty much every foundation (aka doesn't ball up or mix weirdly with different foundations). Foundation sandwiched between this and a setting spray is sure to look good at the end of the day with no touchups (although my oils do come through!).

NYX Angel Veil Skin Perfecting Primer
I'll be honest, I don't know that I've fully formed my opinion on this one. I've used it a handful of times but it's never made a huge impression on me (which isn't a great sign!). The texture is a lot more smoothing, and has that dry silicone feeling - but it still has a spreadable and comfortable texture that you could apply it all over the face (but probably more specifically in the t-zone and porous areas). I would say it helps control oil fairly well but not to a groundbreaking degree - probably at the same level as The Ordinary one (but this one is more smoothing!).

L-R: Bobbi Brown, Mecca Max, Innoxa

Onto the more specific, targeted primers!

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm in Golden Glow
I very luckily won this in a giveaway recently which was lovely because it's not a product I think I would buy for myself! It's one of those multi-use shimmer products that you could use as a primer, mix it in with foundation or as a liquid highlighter over makeup. I don't typically reach for products like these because dewy foundations are dewy enough on their own on my oily skin! But that said, it is a lovely product, especially in the winter time when my skin is looking a bit dull and lacklustre. This one adds such a pretty hydrated, dewy glow to the skin, rather than anything overly shimmery. It sits really well underneath makeup and feels quite moisturising on the skin. Golden Glow is a warm peachy gold colour that seems to blend in with my skin tone to leave more of a glow than any real colour. 

Mecca Max Oh My Matte Mattifying Primer
I bought this on Katina's recommendation as she touted its wonders at keeping oil at bay but unfortunately it just didn't work out for me! I'm not sure if I'm just not applying it right, but it just has such an odd texture and sits weirdly on the skin causing foundation to ball up on top of it. It has a very thick, almost gummy consistency that apparently is supposed to be used sparingly and patted into the skin (only on areas where you need to control oil). On the occasions that I can get foundation to look good on top of it, I just didn't notice it being exceptionally mattifying? Like I guess it controlled oil well but it wasn't anything insanely good, and certainly not worth the effort. Disappointed in this unfortunately and still on the hunt for the best mattifying primer!

Innoxa Skin Perfecting Pore Vanishing Cream
I've had this for a while and I really like it - when I can be bothered to use it! I do have pretty large pores on and around my nose but most days I can't be bothered with the extra step of applying primer there. On days when I want my skin to be really smooth though, I apply this on my porous areas and it fills in and smooths out my pores really well! It even helps control oil a bit more too! It has a good workable texture, not thick at all or oily feeling, and foundation applies well on top. I've also used Benefit Porefessional in the past and I'd say this one is comparable but maybe a tad less smoothing/filly-inny but it also has a thinner consistency.

So there's my primer collection! I think I have a pretty good mix but could always use one more ;) Let me know what primers you guys swear by!

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