What I've Been Watching #13

It's about time to update you guys on what I've been watching while being holed up as a blanket burrito these winter holidays! It's true, I really don't have a social life. Lmaooo. Anyways - I've been watching a lot. Too much, even. And shockingly enough - not all of it has been good! So I thought I would split this post up a bit into likes, mehs and hates (though hate is a strong word haha). 

I'm so late to the hype on this one! I don't know why, but I didn't watch this for the longest time. I think I just had so many other shows to watch, and to be honest I found the trailer a little weird haha. Eventually though, I had nothing better to watch and being that it's only eight 30-minute episodes, it was a real quick watch. And I really liked it! It's definitely weird, but at the same time has that classic odd British dark humour to it which I quite enjoy haha. It has a very unique premise - it's about two pretty odd teenagers who end up running away from home together (despite basically just meeting!) and misadventures ensue. They get caught up in some pretty wild stuff but it's not long before you get invested in the characters and their adventure. It's a bit morbid and sad at times, but also sweet and heartwarming. The ending is a bit shooking too - worth a watch!

I'm mixing it up with a movie! :O I'm sure you guys have heard of Set it Up by now, if not, what is you doinnnggg. It's being hailed as the film to reinvigorate the rom-com genre and I totally agree! It's been a long time since I've seen a rom-com that was actually good (and not just trashy), and that reminded me of the good old rom-coms from the 90s and early 2000s. This one absolutely does all of that - it's funny, super sweet, heartwarming and really had me rooting for the main couple. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are adorable together! It makes good use of some classic tropes but still feels new and fresh. Definitely watch it!!

I spoke about season 1 here, but honestly season 2 was even better! I absolutely loved it. Season 1 was great for introducing the characters and the premise of the show, but season 2 really threw you in there and felt a lot more fast-paced and action packed. I loved the costumes and makeup and it just felt a bit more exciting! This season also touched on social issues like sexual harassment (which is so poignant with #metoo, but also an interesting perspective seeing as this show is set in the 80s) and racist stereotypes. Still such a unique premise for a show, an amazingly diverse cast and so funny!

A bit of true crime for something different! The Staircase is a documentary series following Michael Peterson who was charged for the murder of his wife, who was found dead at the bottom of their staircase. It's such a crazy, crazy case and definitely has you questioning what could have happened. It was a bit slow to start, but gets a bit more riveting as you go through, and I got pretty invested in the story and really wanted to see how it ended (even though it's all true of course!). It's one of those true crime stories that has you questioning the justice system but definitely an intriguing watch if you like the genre!

Now all of these shows are actually second seasons, and I've talked about their first seasons before (will link them up) so I won't dive too much into the premise of each! A couple I was pretty lukewarm on and a couple...I straight up disliked!

Now I found season 1 to be pretty average and season 2 was not too much different for me. I just think Westworld is super overrated??? Like the grandeur and the mind games are all well and good, but it gets a bit tired when the storyline meanders and takes ages to get to the point. Also this season had so many different timelines it was hard to keep track. Overall I found season 2 a bit more interesting, they kept me on the hook with action and twists (I also really liked the whole Shogun world storyline), but still like not mindblowing? I don't know, maybe I'm not investing enough brain power into it and thinking deeply enough about the theories and deeper meanings but...I just can't be bothered and it's not thrilling enough for me to haha. 

I heard a lot of criticism about season 2 and for the most part I agreed. I sort of found this season a little slow (but it wasn't so bad when you watch it week by week) and the storyline just wasn't as tight as season 1. There were certainly a lot of twists and turns but there were a lot of occasions where I was left unsatisfied! I also feel like certain characters were wasted and underdeveloped - like Moira - and I wish they got better storylines. Also I feel like it's just me and Elisabeth Moss is an incredible actor but sometimes the filming just lingers too long on her face when she's like in pain or angry. I get it! But I also don't need to see a close up of her seething for 3 minutes straight haha. Still an absolutely incredible show with amazing acting and overall still really enjoy it! 

Okayyy so I really liked season 1 but I reckon they should've just left it there. Overall I just didn't really like season 2! Sure it had me, and I was 'entertained' aka couldn't stop watching, but I felt like the story just didn't really progress. It was a weird situation because it had so many flashbacks and I just felt like it was more of the same from season 1 but not. They also stuffed in so much extra story in Hannah's life that just didn't seem believable? And I ended up getting confused as to what happened when. I just feel like season 1 was a good story, it served Hannah's character and season 2 just came in and changed all of that and in my opinion ruined it! Can't say I'm super excited for season 3, but also maybe it'll be better since they're at least moving away from Hannah?

Omg okay I hated season 2, sorry. I really liked season 1 but season 2 was just soooo boring. Firstly, it suffers like every other Marvel Netflix show in that it is TOO LONG. Like I swear there is so much extra unnecessary story that just detracts and it really feels like you're exerting a lot of effort watching it tbh. Also there are so many musical interludes (I'm sure there were in season 1 too, but I just really noticed it this season) that made every scene drag on for so much longer. To be honest I just soldiered on and watched the whole thing just for the sake of it, but now I've like blocked it out of my memory haha. So many things I feel contributed to its boringness - the action wasn't that great, the writing was lacklustre and the characters just weren't that interesting/weren't developed much from season 1. Except in Luke's case where I feel like he changed a lot and acted really out of character. Anyway the last few Marvel series have not been great and I'm really starting to lose faith! Like, on principle I feel like I have to watch every one, but I think I may have to skip on Iron Fist season 2 (unless of course it gets raaaave reviews). 

Sorry to end on a sour note haha, but gotta get my tv rants out there. If you've watched any of the above, let me know what you thought! Let's get a discussion going so I can vent my feels haha.

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