Colour Families // The Grungy Greiges

Back with another Colour Families post! I'm hoping one day I'll eventually chronicle my entire makeup collection through this series... haha! Today we'll be looking at the grungy greiges (as you can see, I'm still loving that alliteration) which I was super into maybe a year or so ago. After shunning cool tones for the longest time - I suddenly embraced them whole heartedly! Well, on the lips that is - I'm still not really a fan of taupe eyeshadows (but gimme mauves any day). I'm less obsessed with them now, but I've amassed a decent enough collection of them that I can do a post! Also, I've taken a bit of freedom with 'greige' haha. Some of these are cooler brown nudes, some veer a lot into the purple/mauve family, but on the whole we're basically in the same colour family! 

L-R: H&M Cameo Pink, Too Faced Pink Leopard, Kiko 200, ABH Buon Fresco, Laura Mercier Amethyst
This shade is arguably the truest 'greige' in this post - it's very much that mushroom mix of grey and beige to make a light...taupe. That said, obviously this colour wouldn't be very flattering in makeup so I had to take some liberties with the colour classification! Haha! I love this nail polish though - it's such a professional nude shade. The formula is amazing too. 

One of my favourite blushes that I've talked about a good amount on the blog! This is my go-to blush for basically any cool-toned look. It's a really lovely nude pink blush with a soft cool purple tone to it. It's very flattering and subtle on the cheeks but so complementary! 

This is such a weird colour to me for a face product - it almost looks like an eyeshadow in the swatches! For that reason, I really don't use it...ever? In the pan, it has an adorable leopard print made up of pink, brown and beige (almost taupe) sections. Mixed together, they make a rosy brown shade. I think it's the beige that throws off the colour making it cool toned, and as a result a bit ashy on the cheeks. I wouldn't use it as a bronzer, and it's a bit too shimmery/ashy/dark as a blush so it really doesn't have a place? Regardless, it does sort of fit into this colour family so I thought it was worth mentioning haha.  

Kiko Water Shadow in 200
I love the Water Shadows, I think they're so pretty! They have such a soft, creamy feel and a very metallic, glittery effect. 200 is a light mushroom beige colour that is cool toned, but not overly so. I love this paired with mauves (like the next shadow) in the crease.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Buon Fresco (from Modern Renaissance)
You could classify this shade as a mauve, but it definitely has a cooler, more purply tone that I think makes it fit into the greige family (trust me I have a mauve colour families post in the works and in comparison they are a lot more pink toned). I love colours like this for cool toned eyeshadow looks - they're just a lot more flattering than a straight up grey colour in the crease.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
Throwing in a bit of depth and richness, Amethyst is a purply brown shade with more silver toned shimmer throughout it. Such a pretty colour - and these Caviar Sticks are divine. Super creamy, pigmented and long lasting!

L-R: MAC Spirit, Colourpop Strut, Maybelline Gone Greige and Grey Over It, Essence Come Naturally and Sucker for Grey

It's all relative when it comes to colours like these! Sitting next to more purple colours, Spirit looks warm but in actuality it's a neutral (veering on cool-toned) brown nude. I love it - I think it's super complementary to a myriad of looks, but I love it paired with cooler-toned looks because it's still cool but it's a nude that won't make me look dead!

Strut is super similar to Spirit! It's just a tad more mauve/cool I'd say. Very similar effect to Spirit though! And you guys know I love the Ultra Satin formula :)

Maybelline Colour Sensational Loaded Bolds in Gone Greige 
Considering greige is in the name of this one, I felt like this was my guide for all the other shades haha! Gone Greige is very much a cool-toned mauve nude shade. It's a fine line with colours like this on the lips - you can very quickly look washed out and dead. As my sister asked when I was wearing this - "why do your lips look cold?" lmao. With that said, I think these colours are really cool and edgy and grungy and I wouldn't say they're unflattering at all! You just have to make sure it's not straight up grey

Maybelline Colour Sensational Loaded Bolds in Grey Over It
I'll be honest, I haven't actually worn this one yet. There was a second there when I liked the idea of dark brown lips but in execution, they didn't look amazing on me haha. Who knows - I'll have to experiment some more and see what looks suit a brown lip! Grey Over It is a dark, vampy brown with a cool tone. 

Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Come Naturally
One of my favourite lipsticks ever! It's such a cool and unique colour. It veers into the purple side of things, but I still think I can lump it in the greige family because it's cool-toned and sort of a nude. It's oddly flattering and dare I say the easiest purple to wear ever?! The formula is slightly sheer and glossy, but very comfortable (and so cheap!). It isn't the longest lasting though, contrary to its name!

Essence Soft Contouring Lip Liner in Sucker for Grey
The name kind of sucked me in to putting it into this post but this lip liner is firmly purple haha. Regardless of that, I think it's a very complementary colour to the lip colours I've featured. It's a good depth and such a pretty cool-toned purple that I think is very flattering. 

Despite these greige products being very much grey toned - I still think a lot of them are surprisingly flattering and worth checking out! What are your favourite greige or cool-toned products?

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