What's in my Custom Palette?

No favourites post again this month because there haven't been many new products I've been loving, so I thought I'd show some love to a constant fave in my collection that I don't mention too often (or at all really!) - my custom palette! It's actually a Z-Palette but since the whole social media debacle a year or so ago I don't totally want to support them (lol). Mine's actually basically full now though, so the next empty palette I buy will probably be from Colourpop or something (there are literally so many on the market so I'll have no probs not buying from Z-Palette again haha!). I have shadows from Colourpop, Makeup Geek and MAC in here, some of which are staples in my collection! So here is a dedicated post with swatches and reviews of all of them! :) 

L-R: Bliss, Infatuation, Summer Fling
These MUG blushes are arguably my favourite blushes in my collection! The formula is divine - well pigmented but not overly so, easily blended and give a beautifully even application on the cheeks. My only qualm is that they're quite powdery (similar with MUG matte eyeshadows) but besides that I absolutely love them. I believe they reformulated/repackaged these? So I'm not sure if the formula or shades differ. Shade wise, these are my faves too. Bliss is a pale creamsicle peach shade that gives a light, barely there flush of warmth, Infatuation (arguably my ultimate fave) is a medium warm nude shade that is super flattering and goes with everything, and Summer Fling is a bold coral shade. They're all matte too which is generally my preference to make my highlight pop! I also love mixing the colours to get a perfect colour.

L-R: MUG Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Colourpop Labyrinth, Wait For It
The three OG mattes that used to be everyone's staples back in the day! They're still staples for me and are just great basic matte shades. Peach Smoothie is a light peach nude that is the perfect first transition shade, Creme Brulee is your classic medium warm-toned brown, and Cocoa Bear is a deeper, red-toned brown. The perfect trio of crease shades right here! The formula is divine as well, they are pigmented and blend seamlessly. Again, my only issue is that they kick up a lot of powder in the pan.

These two shades inject a bit of colour matte-wise into my palette. Labyrinth is a dusty mauve-pink shade and Wait For It is a vibrant peachy pink. I adore both of these for varying looks and in the crease they can really add a lot of flavour to a basic lid colour or be complementary to pink and peach eye looks respectively. Formula wise, they are less powdery than MUG and as a result a tad less pigmented but still blend and apply beautifully.

L-R: MUG In the Spotlight, Colourpop Save it for Later, MUG Grandstand, Cosmopolitan, Flamethrower
Remember when the MUG Foiled Eyeshadows were groundbreaking?? The formula still stands up today with the flood of metallic shadows on the market. They have a more oily (aka buttery) consistency that gives them their high shine metallic finish. As a result, I find they are best applied with a finger or a natural haired brush. In the Spotlight is a light pinky-beige shade with silver shimmer, Grandstand (one of my favourites ever!) is a rosey-bronze shade with fairly neutral shimmer, and Flamethrower is a rich rusty red with coppery shimmer.

I believe this shade is actually being discontinued right now which is a shame because it's a great basic shimmer (but as a result quite dupable/common). It's a really pretty warm bronzey/rose gold colour that is lovely all over the lid for an everyday look. It's a shimmer that packs a punch, but not nearly as metallic as the Foiled shadows! Really lovely formula and pigmentation.

This has a similar formula to the Colourpop shimmers - good pigmentation but not super metallic. Cosmopolitan is a super warm pink-rose gold colour with a strong golden shimmer. Sort of like NARS Orgasm in an eyeshadow (but less PINK). This shade creates such a pretty sunset effect on the eye!

L-R: MAC Vintage Bloom, Colourpop Glass Bull, MUG Burlesque
MAC Eyeshadow in Vintage Bloom
I want to say this is long discontinued? I bought it years ago for like $5 at the corporate store and I'll be honest, I never use it! It's sitting in here just because I have the room for it, but once I buy more singles and need to free up space this'll be the one to go! It's very much a neutral pink shade with some gold shimmer. I'm really not a big fan of MAC's eyeshadow formula! Granted they used to be great but it's been years and so many better formulas have come on the market. Dare I say MAC needs to reformulate their core line because what I've tried from them has been dry and sheer.

This is Colourpop's best selling eyeshadow shade and for good reason! She's a beaut! It's more of a sheer duochrome shadow, as it has a sheer purply-brown base, with beautiful light blue/silvery and lilac shimmer. Such a pretty, sparkly shadow!

This shade is really pretty but pretty average formula wise. It's not super pigmented and the shimmer is a little lacklustre. That being said it is easy to work with if you wanted to do a smokey eye and build it up! I tend to use it more as an outer corner shade where it works well. It's a deep maroon colour with pink shimmer - as you can see in the swatch it's just not as rich as I'd like it to be!

L-R: Colourpop Play by Play, MAC Sumptuous Olive, Patina

Another really cool duochrome-ish colour from Colourpop. It's not as sparkly/sheer as Glass Bull though. It has a yellow-champagne base and quite a strong green-gold shifty shimmer. It's really pretty and works well on the inner corner/inner lid in a green eyeshadow look!

MAC Eyeshadow in Sumptuous Olive
Sumptuous Olive is a really pretty shade and perfect for those just wanting to dip their toe into the green pool (because really it's a neutral shade with a tinge of green). Compared to recent green eyeshadows (that I've been dying to get my hands on...I just want the greens in the Melt Gemini palette), it doesn't look green at all! When swatched and applied on the eye, it looks like a pewter-y beige colour. Not super impactful colour wise but pretty nonetheless and can be amped up a bit when paired with matte green shadows. Would be even better if it wasn't in the crappy MAC formula! :(

MAC Eyeshadow in Patina
Patina is one of the most unique colours I own! Such an interesting shade. At its base, it's like a dirty greenish taupe with a soft gold sheen. It's just looks super classy and sophisticated to me. Unfortunately this one is very sheer and really has to be layered. I wish it packed more of a punch because the colour is stunning!

I love the customisability of these magnetic palettes, and with single shadows super affordable and prevalent these days, it's easy to build up a big collection! MUG is great and has a reliable formula, but they've kind of fallen off with releases haven't they? I think Colourpop is where it's at in terms of formula, shade range and 'trendiness' (they need more greens though!! - would buy them in a heartbeat haha). MAC is outdated in my opinion - their formula is shite for the price we pay here in Australia!

What are your favourite single eyeshadows and blushes?

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