'Ello, 'ello! My name is Tasha, and welcome to my humble abode, Shiwashiful. I'm a second year university student from Brisbane, Australia, currently studying a double degree of Business (PR Major) and Media and Communication. Cliché blogger course? Maybe, but so far, I'm really enjoying it!

I started Shiwashiful in early 2013, spurred on by my blossoming makeup and beauty obsession, accelerated by my penchant for watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts. While Shiwashiful is mainly beauty (makeup, skincare and the like), expect to see a couple of random personal/lifestyle posts peppered throughout! I thoroughly enjoy my TV, listening to music, reading books and general procrastination. For some more random tidbits about myself, check out 20 facts about me, and feel free to hit me up on InstagramTwitter and Bloglovin'!

What does 'shiwashiful' (pronounced shee-wash-ee-full) mean, you ask? It's a long story but I'll give you the quick version. Derived from a not-so-much nickname, "Tashi Washi" (childish, I know), shiwashi came to be, the '-ful' was added on later thanks to a username suggested by Youtube. Not a very exciting story was it? A weird blog name, but unique nonetheless! Though it has nothing to do with anything, I'd like to think it's somewhat special!