Monthly Favourites // August 2015

Where did August go? Honestly. August was a pretty heckers month (I had my driving test - and passed! Whoop!), but this coming week is going to be crazy too as assessment starts gearing up. Writing this blog post is just another way to "justify" my procrastination... Anyway, let's have a chat about some faves, shall we. I definitely have a mix of new and old favourites (and some music faves)!

Crop Natural Skincare Natural Face Primer*
I was very generously sent quite a lot of Crop's makeup range and there are a couple of gems from the line that I've been enjoying, though there are definitely a few duds as well. You guys should be seeing a brand spotlight post this week (or next, depending how busy I am :P). Lately, I've been really into primer. I can't explain it but I suddenly feel like I NEED that extra layer between my skin and makeup...it's weird. This primer is really quite nice though. It is supposedly hydrating and contains quite a few oils, so I was expecting it to be a moisturising, dewy primer - but it's actually quite matte! It's a lotion-y consistency that blends and absorbs real quick. It leaves a slightly tacky, matte-ish finish that helps foundation adhere and smooth over the skin. I think this does help in the way of longevity and oil control, but isn't drying or slippy/siliconey! 

Crop Natural Skincare Natural Mineral Pressed Powder in Cool Beige*
This is the other Crop product I've been using quite frequently. Something about Crop's pressed powders (generally) is that they are very...hard. Their powders really don't feel soft, nor do they give a lot of powder kick up, but you do really need to work your brush in to get product. This also means their powders are extremely sheer (some worse than others) but in the case of this face powder, it's actually quite nice. I've been using it to set my makeup and you really won't get much coverage but I enjoy the matte-but-not-flat finish it gives my skin and it really doesn't look cakey. I also think it works really well at controlling oil?

Hello, old friend. For a while there, this concealer was languishing in my drawer as I began my love affair with the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but lately it's been getting a workout again! I'm not sure why, but I think the shade is slightly better especially when I'm wearing slightly lighter foundations. It's getting a mention this month because I've been loving applying it with my next favourite...

At first, I found this brush too dense for my concealer liking but recently, coupled with the more liquidy consistency of the Maybelline concealer, I've been liking patting the concealer in, rather than buffing. I find the coverage is greatly increased and even the longevity? I do slightly buff the edges so everything is seamless, but it's a combo I've been loving!

Ah, the bae. I've pretty much decided this is my favourite blush ever?? I did say so in the Addicted to Blush tag, but I wasn't certain. I just LOVE how this looks on my cheeks. It almost makes the skin look polished, it's just inexplicably beAuTIfUL. Lately I've been cutting it very close in terms of leaving the house on time...or late - so I've been reaching for this blush because I know it will look good with everything! The formula is perf and it gives a gorgeous sheen so I can skip the highlight!

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (and shoutout to da blushes) (ignore the middle pink eyeshadow, that's MAC)
Now obviously these guys are making an appearance. I fell in love pretty much as soon as I got them in the mail, and I pretty much knew I would. These get so many raves and I had high expectations, though - I knew my expectations would be fulfilled! These eyeshadows are excellent quality. The three matte shades I have (Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee and Cocoa Bear) are amazing - pigmented, blendable and super creamy. The one niggle I do have is that because they are so soft, they do kick up a bit of powder, though it seems to only be the mattes. The look I've been going for throughout the month is pretty much all the mattes in the crease/transition/extra definition, with either Cosmopolitan, In the Spotlight or Grandstand over the lid. The foiled shadows are such a unique formula, intensely metallic/shimmery and almost have a creamy feel to them. I find you get the most impact when applied with a finger. Cosmopolitan is a regular shimmery shade, though it has quite a metallic look. It's so easy to work with and gives such a pretty warm, pinky-copper look! Though I've been loving Warm Soul, often whenever I have my Z Palette open, I'll reach for one (or a mix of) the MUG blushes! They have lovely formulas as well.

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Patisserie
I've been wearing this lipstick like crazy! It's such an easy shade to just throw on! It's quite sheer, and the colour is basically a my lips but better colour - a peachy, browny, mauve shade - that goes with everything (though, especially MAC Warm Soul). It basically feels like a tinted lip balm and can easily be applied without a mirror. The one thing that I really dislike about this shade is that it actually has quite large glittery bits in it! It's not as bad as Revlon Peach Parfait but I prefer my lipsticks glitter-less! I can get past it, though I wish they weren't there!

Just a couple of albums I've been obsessing over that I thought I'd mention!

Though this just released like...three days ago - I'm already obsessed. I've already mentioned my love of her EP Room 93 on the blog before, so I was keenly anticipating her first album Badlands. It does not disappoint. I pretty much love every track though my very faves are Roman Holiday, Strange Love, Haunting, Castle and Hold me Down. This album is a little bit more grungy, but still very much in the indie-pop genre. 

This album has almost been on repeat for the last couple of weeks? It's just chill music and I love. Apparently the genre is "psychedelic pop" which I get, the instrumental synth-ness is just really nice study background music but also just makes ya want to jig out a little. Some of my fave songs from the album are 'Cause I'm a Man, Disciples, Reality in Motion and The Less I know the Better - though I think I like all of them? Also, reppin' da Aussies.

So, here's to the beginning of Spring guys! I know it's already starting to warm up over here - time to break out all the bright colours (not that I haven't been wearing them this whole time ;P ). What have you guys been loving this month?

*Products sent for consideration.