Velvet Smooth Nails

As you guys know, I'm a bit of a nail polish junkie. I tend to switch up my nail polish at least once a week which often means my nails aren't always in the best condition! Though it's nothing serious, my nails are often stained, sometimes a bit ridge-y and generally could use a bit of TLC. Sometimes I do a bit of filing and buffing, but let's be real - I'm lazy. I was, however, very intrigued to hear about a new Scholl product called the Electronic Nail Care System* from their Velvet Smooth line. It's basically a three step system incorporated into an electronic pen! Whether it's better than your typical buffing block or file...you'll have to keep reading!

This pen-like device comes with three "heads" to file, buff and shine. They are super easy to attach and pull off, and the pen comes with a cap so nothing gets disturbed. It comes with two speeds and basically the head vibrates and moves up and down quite quickly. It's battery operated and it includes a battery which is always handy! So those are the mechanics...how well does it work though?

I find this device super convenient and easy to use. Because the head vibrates for you, it really requires little effort on your part as you don't really have to physically exert any pressure or movement (because buffing and filing manually is SUCH a chore (that was both sarcastic and not sarcastic)). I found the file particularly convenient as I don't really use it to shape my nails, rather to get rid of any scratchy or jagged-y edges. I basically just touch my nail to the head and BAM, the jagged-ness be gone. It's also really easy to shape with as well though, just gently move the file in one direction. It does the job super quickly and leaves a very smooth edge behind. My nails aren't too ridge-y and I don't like to go HAM with buffing them, just because I don't want to...I don't know, thin them out too much? Regardless, I found the buffer really good in gently smoothing the surface of my nail - it wasn't too abrasive or intense at all. I found it also helped in removing a bit of the stain-age from my previous red nail polish. Again, really easy to use. Because of the shape of the head, you can quite easily get to the corners and cuticle bit of the nail.  Lastly, the shine head worked really well to give a natural shine to my nails, which you can hopefully see in my photo!

The Scholl Electronic Nail Care System* is super convenient and easy to use, definitely an awesome product for those of you big into the DIY manicure situation. Compared to your typical nail buffer block or file, I do find this a bit more effective, easier to use and generally more convenient. In saying that though, it retails for $60 according to the newest Priceline catalogue (though it's currently on intro price for $50) which is a steep price to pay! It's a luxury product I definitely enjoy using - makes me feel a bit fanceh - but I don't think it's worth the moolah unfortunately! Though, you guys know how cheap I am. :P

Do you regularly file, buff and shine your nails?

*Product provided for consideration.