The Humble Abode.

Well, well, well...look at us getting all up close and personal! I think we're at that stage where I can invite you over and give you a tour of my room ;) I have mentioned a few times on the blog that over the last couple of months I've been moving from my room, to my sister's (larger) room, as she recently moved out. It was a pretty tedious process of moving all of her crap out (now I thought I was a hoarder -_-) and cleaning up the place. That main wall was COVERED in blu tack from her "photo wall". Anyway, it's sad but true but the main reason I wanted to move in was because I was running out of space in my old makeup storage and was in desperate need of a new solution! I then became obsessed with wanting a dressing table and having a nice makeup "area" so yeah, I decided to move in! I also got a bed upgrade (since my other room was too small for the spare double we had) and basically had a lot of fun playing interior designer. I was totes going for that "minimal" vibe (though, bet's be real it's gonn' get real cluttered, real quick) and I was keen on lots of white with COPPER accents. Y'all know I love dat copper. Anyway, it's very photo heavy so I'll try to keep the text to a minimum!

Let's start with my favourite section shall we...the dressing table/BEAUTY AREA. I will also try and link up where some of the stuff is from but let's be real, IT'S MOSTLY KMART.

My dressing table, mirror, drawer dividers (cutlery holders) and floating shelves are from IKEA. I was heavily inspired by Vivianna does Makeup - her setup is just dreammyyy. So yeah, pretty much all of my makeup fits in this large drawer (plus some of my skincare routine) - but it's dayummm SNUG. I used to store things like tube lip and eye products in cups so now they're all in there taking up extra room! Right now this situation is working really well but I'll probably have to get some extra storage for more inevitable hauling. Also, this is as far as the drawer extends which is annoying - there's one more well that I can't see but I can still reach. There are some hacks to make it come all the way out but I didn't want to void the warranty/strain the drawer cos let's face it, IKEA AIN'T THE BEST QUALITY (and dis shiz heavy). Oh, if you guys want a full makeup collection post, let me know!

Like I said, A LOT of my stuff is from Kmart :P Cheap and trendy, okay?!?? My chair, faux fur rug (used as a throw..thing - gotta keep dat booty warm), copper geometric "vase", copper lamp, copper clock, copper wire basket and pineapple jar are from Kmart. Lol tho, most of the time the clock isn't in my room because IT TICKS SO GODDAMN LOUDLY. I need to just take the batteries out. The copper glass box, small bowl and mug and saucer are from Kikki.K. The faux peonies are from Earthborn - they were ridiculously expensive but hey cheaper and less maintenance than real ones! Then I have my "everyday makeup" or basically the makeup I will wear that day (I like to be organised like dat) in my two drawer MUJI set, and a nine lipstick holder from eBay which has my most used/pretty lipsticks in it.

Ps. Do you guys like my fandom shelf?!? ;P

(it's killing me that the mushroom has been knocked over)

The bed spread and bedside table are from Kmart. Everything else I don't think you can get anymore. Gotta love my Hello Kitty ice cream clock though (can't really see it from this angle though). I'm not entirely happy with the set up on my bedside but it's alright for now. I'm also not super keen on the wall behind my bed - it's super blank! Need some ART. Oh, and a headboard. :P

Then I have a cabinet/shelving unit and a chest of drawers opposite my bed. On my cabinet is ANOTHER copper geometric candle holder from Kmart (I'm glad I panicked and bought two). I'm using this one as a planter - yay for my little succi friend! When it comes to Kmart and their copper goods, I pretty much buy it no matter what the heck it is. Case in point: this copper wire dish rack. I realised I could use it as a magazine holder and I was like yussss WINNING ur coming home wit me. 

This is my old makeup storage: the Keji four drawer set from Officeworks. I now use it to store all my makeup that either won't fit in my dressing table or that I rarely/never use but don't want to get rid of yet. Also, reppin' Mecca Maxima

These two baskets are from Kmart (typical) and I basically use them to store excess/unopened skincare, body and hair products. I KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. That rando trilogy box on the left has all my sachet samples in it. 

This is the top of my dresser/chest of drawers. Mooooooore Kmart copper in the form of their wire fruit bowl and wire mug tree (the cutlery holder that comes with this is sitting on one of my floating shelves, idk what to do with it haha :P). I'm using the mug tree as a necklace holder which it isn't the best at, It's not quite tall enough and can get pretty busy, but I didn't have necklace storage before so it works well enough! The acrylic box which I store perfume/some hair products is from Ettica. That hand/ring holder is from Sportsgirl I believe (it was a gift). And there's a sneaky peak of my nail polish collection!

And that's pretty much all that was photograph-worthy! On the opposite wall to my dressing table is basically my cupboards, and there are windows behind my shelf/chest of drawers and next to my dressing table area - and that's it! The room is not fully complete but I really love it so far, I feel all legit at my Malm dressing table haha :P I'm such a blogger cliche aren't I. 

I hope you guys enjoyed a tour of my room though! What are your favourite places for homewares?!