The Minute Manis

Rimmel is not a brand I typically associate with the best nail polishes, but I must admit - they do some pretty great formulas! I have one from their Salon Pro line which I really like, and they recently revamped their 60 Second range with new shades! I'm not sure if they've been reformulated but the line has been given a refresh! I decided to pick up a few in a recent 50% off sale which made them cheap as chips. I was feeling a bit disenchanted with my nail polish collection and these pepped it right up!

A note on the formula: it's pretty darn great! Most of these went on really smoothly and were opaque in two coats (bar Lose Your Lingerie which I used 3 coats of). I wouldn't say though that they dry in 60 seconds. They may be dry to the touch, but not fully dry. With most of these I got sheet marks (grr), but to be fair I painted my nails only a couple of hours before bed, and I think the Mary Kay top coat isn't terribly fast drying. All of these manis did, however, last for ages! Basically a whole week with minimal chipping. 

Roll in the Grass
This is a shade from Rita Ora's range which I actually really like. They're all very spring-summer and festival inspired. Roll in the Grass is a lovely teal-turquoise shade. Very pretty and quite unique in my collection - I don't tend to opt for colours like these that much. I feel like they can sometimes make me look a little jaundice? This one doesn't really, so me likey! It did stain a bit though (even with base coat) so be aware!

Pillow Talk
Lately I've been getting really into pastels - especially those almost white ones. This one is along those lines - a pale baby blue colour. It has a faint shimmer through it but it's not too noticable (thankfully). This one was a little streaky on first coat, but a thicker second coat evened everything out.

Lose Your Lingerie
I picked this one up because I read on nueyork that it was a great dupe for Essie Fiji. I've always been tempted to try Fiji so I figured I'd grab this one while it was cheap. It's a very pale, milky pink. I was scared it would look chalky on me, but it doesn't! Again, there is a faint shimmer which is slightly more detectable on the nails, but nothing offensive. I did use 3 coats just because it was still a little bit streaky, but you can definitely get away with just 2 thicker coats! I really like how delicate this shade is though!

Of course I got the peach, and of course it's my favourite shade of the bunch. It's quite bright, bordering neon but still has a pastel quality to it. It doesn't look garish at all. I just damn love it! Such a pretty, complimentary peachy-coral that would be perfect in warmer weather. 

So yeah, overall I'm thoroughly impressed with these polishes! Across the board, pretty great lasting power and lovely formulas. I definitely recommend checking them out - they have a lovely shade range and are only $5.95 (often on sale)!

What are your thoughts on Rimmel nail polishes?

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