Geeking Out

Makeup Geek is a brand that's always been on my mind, but is it just me, or have they blown up recently? Maybe it's just because I got wildly obsessed with Jaclyn Hill, but my urge to make a Makeup Geek order got to be too much! When they had a free shipping promotion a little while ago - I jumped on that 'ish and made a big ol' order! Pretty much all of these are Jaclyn Hill faves haha :P

Before I get into swatches of the shades I bought, I'll just talk about the formula briefly. I'm sure you've all heard about them, these products are very much deserving of all the hype they get! The eyeshadows especially really are some of the best I've tried. The shade range is amazing and there are a heap of different finishes available - they recently came out with duochromes which look absolutely AH-MAZING. The formula of all of the shades I have is exceptional; super pigmented, creamy and blendable. What more could you want? The mattes are absolutely amazing - not chalky or patchy at all! They can kick up a little powder but nothing unusual! The shimmery shades are especially buttery and soft. Don't even get me started on the foiled eyeshadows! These shades are BE-YOU-TI-FUL. The shine and metallic finish these have is absolutely stunning, they are SO pigmented and almost feel creamy to the touch, I believe due to the oils they contain. I will say though, these apply best with fingers or a dense, natural bristle brush as I feel like it picks up the colour a bit better. There's a reason they get so much hype though - they damn GEWD. 

I went ahead and bought a few blushes because, you know, I'm blush OBSESSED. And wow, look at 'em, typical "me" warm shades. Just like the eyeshadows, these have an amazing formula. Honestly I sound like a broken record ayy. What can I say?? I got all matte shades and again, they are pigmented (the darker, brighter shades especially) and blendable. They don't look chalky or patchy on the cheeks at all and are just a great powder blush!

L-R: Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Burlesque

Peach Smoothie is a shade I never thought I needed in my life, but Jaclyn convinced me. It's a pale peachy-nude shade that works well as a transition/above the crease colour. It's the perfect shade to blend the crease and brow highlight colours together.

Creme Brulee is basically the next step to Peach Smoothie. I like this medium warm brown in the crease as well as a transition colour. If you couldn't tell, I've really been feeling them warm browns!

Cocoa Bear is a staple in many people's collections, it's a dark reddy-brown. I like this one precisely in the crease, or to add definition in the outer corner, etc. These three matte shades work perfectly in harmony together in the crease for any warm eyeshadow look!

Burlesque, has a satin finish, it's not matte but there is a tiny bit of shimmer in there. It's a deep burgundy colour with a slight reddish shimmer. I haven't used this a tonne, but it's amazing for deepening a look and if I were to ever do a full blown smokey eye, I'd go for this guy all over the lid!

L-R: Cosmopolitan, In the Spotlight, Grandstand, Flamethrower

Cosmopolitan is the apparent dupe for MAC Expensive Pink, it's a gorgeous warm pink with a heavy golden shimmer. The result is an amazing pinky-copper. I love this all over the lid with warm browns in the crease. The result is soo pretty - like a bronzey-pink sunset!

In the Spotlight is an amazing pale champagne-pinky-silver colour. I thought I would get a tonne of use out of this but I think the silver makes it pull a teensy bit ashy on me. It's still gorgeous though, makes for an amazing inner corner highlight, or in the center of the eyelid - or all over really, I just have to make sure I add definition in the crease and outer corner!

Grandstand is my favourite foiled shadow, and perhaps my favourite out of all of them! It is an amazing bronze-rose gold sort of colour. It's surprisingly unique in my collection, and definitely a must have! I adore this all over the lid.

Flamethrower is not a shade I expected to get a lot of use out of, but one which I was drawn to after seeing it on a few different people. It's a stunner! It's an intense orangey-copper-red which I think could be used in a bunch of different ways. I haven't used it very much, but I know it'll come in handy for intense warm shadow looks!

L-R: Bliss, Infatuation, Summer Fling

Bliss is quite a pale peachy-pink which I was a bit worried would be too light for me, but I just loved the look of it! Thankfully it's not too pale for me, it still shows up and is just a lovely subtle peachy pink. Most times I've actually mixed it with Infatuation which I think works really well.

Infatuation is a peachy-brown, kinda like MAC Warm Soul without the delectable shimmer. It's a gorgeous deeper warm nude that pretty much goes with everything!

Summer Fling is quite an intense coral shade. I haven't gotten too much use out of it but you know we'll have a thing come summer time ;)

So, if you couldn't tell, I'm absolutely in love with Makeup Geek. There's absolutely no question - these are the best eyeshadows (and blushes!) for their price. The range of colours and finishes is beyond and considering they are SO damn cheap...well you need them, like, YESTERDAY. You can bet your ass I'll be making another order soon - the duochromes are calling out to me! And also, whatever Jaclyn and Marlena are cookin' up needs to mine...

What are your thoughts on Makeup Geek shadows and blushes?!