Triply Swirled Triplets

Paul & Joe is a brand that has always caught my eye. Uhh...hello? Have you seen some of their packaging?! Like, lipstick bullets in the shape of a cat's head??!?! YAS PLZ. Despite their absolutely PRECIOUS packaging, I've never gotten around to trying them. I don't hear much about them in the blogosphere and from what I recall they're fairly expensive? Plus available online only. However, quite a while ago I was lucky enough to win one of Dawn's giveaways and three of the Paul & Joe Triple Cheek Colours were included! These have actually been sitting in my drawers for a ridiculous amount of time untouched because I had to take photos before I ruined the delightful swirl!! And then I just got lazy and never took photos... But here we are - finally! Keep reading for my thoughts on these guys!

As I've already touched on, the packaging is absolutely adorable! Paul & Joe has a cutesy, parisian vibe and these little blush compacts fit right in. They are a clamshell with a crimped edge with a gold border. The top also has a beautiful flower on it! Of course, the blush inside is comprised of 3 colours swirled together. This gets ruined as soon as you touch it which is unfortunate, but it will be forever immortalised with the power of photography!

Time to talk formula! These are cream blushes, but they very much have a cream to powder formula. It doesn't really look it in the swatches (I've piled them on), but as you blend them out they turn powdery, almost with a siliconey, weightless and dry feeling. The sensation is very unique and interesting! I'm not the hugest fan of cream-to-powders since I don't really see the point; if I want powder I'll use powder, if I want cream I'll use cream... That's just me being picky though! Due to their powder-ish nature, I find the best way to apply these is with a dense-yet-fluffy brush, like the Real Techniques Multi-Task or Contour brushes. A stippling brush can apply it patchily, and fingers are a bit uneven also. They apply fairly easily with the other brushes though, blending quite well. These are pretty sheer in nature so it's hard to overdo it. So like I said, because they go dry, these don't give off a dewy glow like other cream blushes. I also find that if I have any flaky skin, these will emphasise that! These have quite a unique formula that really isn't my favourite. It's not bad at all but there are definitely other blushes - cream or powder - that I much prefer! In saying that, these do look lovely on the face!

L-R: 001, 002, 003

001 is a hot, candy pink with blue tones. If you know me, you'll know I'm not really one for pink blushes. This one really is quite bright and probably the most pigmented so if you were to overdo it with one, it'd be this one. I really haven't worn this one much but I must say, due to its brightness, it really livens the face and gives it a youthful, perky flush. I can't explain it but it makes me look like I exercised or was out in the sun being outdoorsy (fat chance) in a flattering way.

002 is OF COURSE ma fave. Did ya see that one coming? ;) 002 is pretty much a straight up peach, but there is some pink swirled in there so it has pinky tones. I've used this one the most and I love the effect it has. It gives a really pretty peachy glow!

003 is probably the most wacko shade when looking at it in the pan. It contains swirls of cream, BLUE and a deep shimmery burgundy-brown. I was like WOT monster are y'all gonna create. The result is a cool browny-beigey-rosy shade. It's definitely curious and difficult to describe. On the cheeks it really is just a neutral cheek shade that will go with everything. To be honest, it doesn't really show up that well on my cheeks? I definitely don't see myself getting wear out of this one as I prefer more pinky or peachy neutral blushes. I suppose you might be able to use it for contouring?

And pooooo-ey all the swirls messed up :'( While these are pretty adorable blushes, they're nothing special on the cheeks. The formula can apply slightly patchily at times and cling to dryness, but they do give a lovely flush! Whoops, I just realised these are limited edition! Derp. You can still find them online though if you really want to give them a go :)

Have you tried anything from Paul & Joe