Like Music to My Ears #3

It's right about that time...assessment time! Meaning...I've been listening to a helluva lotta muzac! Attempts to make studying less dreary ay... It's also been a time of quite a few album releases so there are a bunch of new jamz that I've had on repeat for the past few weeks!

Troye Sivan Wild
Oh Troye, you are on FYAH. His second EP Wild came out not too long ago, and now he done gone announced an album coming out in December! I must say, Troye deserves all of the success and attention he's been getting! I absolutely love his latest EP, with Fools and Wild being my favourites, and his collaboration with Broods, Ease, being an absolute GEM. I just love the style of music he's settled into, a lot of chills but also techno jiggy bits - I love how Fools has the actual crowd from Vidcon (I think) shouting out at the end! And omg his Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy...I'M SO EMOTIONAL.

Chvrches Every Open Eye
This is Chvrches' second album and as a major fan of their first, I had high hopes for this one! It doesn't disappoint folks. They still have very much the same synthpop style which I really like and lurrrve to jig out to. I'm still loving Leave a Trace which they released a little while ago before the album came out - I had it on repeat the first time I listened! I really love the whole album though!

Jarryd James Thirty One
I randomly decided to listen to Jarryd James' album as I did quite like his hit single Do You Remember. I didn't know what to expect but I actually love his album! This voice is so smooth and quite unique. His style is very chill and mellow but there are a few bangers (wot?) on there. I'll actually be seeing him in concert with another fave of mine, Meg Mac, in December which I'm super excited about!

Oh Wonder Oh Wonder
Wouldn't be a music faves post without a recommendation from my friend, Yasmin. Whenever I need new music to listen to, I always turn to her! She never lets me down ;) I'd never heard of Oh Wonder before but I must say, their sound is right up my street! They are a British duo who remind me a bit of Of Monsters and Men or Broods, quite alternative but like mellow pop? God I suck at describing music. They gewd though - I love every song on their album, it's just so easy to listen to!

Be sure to have a listen to ze playlist and let me know what you think! What music have you been loving lately?