A Cheeky Sephora Haul

So apparently this month on my blog has just been an inundation of hauls. SOZ NOT SOZ. But we all love a good haul ayyyy? Let's hope this one will be the last for a while (I s2g I always say that and it never pans out). Today's post is a VERY cheeky Sephora Au haul - both literally and figuratively as I wasn't planning on making an order on the newly launched online store, but I did, and it happens to be all cheek products (y'all know my weakness)! I was actually planning on making an order at some point but it was accelerated by the fact that Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop was FINALLY launched! I managed to snag it before they even announced it and it was only $58 haha (thanks to Katina!) and figured I would pick up a couple of other things I wanted, not that I needed them because there's free shipping over $55! I ordered on Thursday the 12th and it arrived Friday the 20th. Not completely impressed seeing as some people who ordered the same day got theirs on Monday! Also I weirdly never got a confirmation email for either my order or that it was shipped... I don't wanna get into a rant lol but I find it quite sus that Sephora had to buy over Luxola in order to launch an online store. I'm not 100% a fan of Sephora au considering the issues they've had in launching, poor stock in their stores etc, but I ain't gonna turn down getting previously hard to get brands, am I now. :P

Let's start with the catalyst of the entire haul why don't we. I have been wanting to get my hands on this sucker ever since it was first announced! I missed the boat on the preorders on RY and Lipstick Republic, and I couldn't be bummed to go about doing a Shop and Box/forwarding service order to get it. I was just hoping and praying that it would still be in stores by the time I went to the US in February (that scenario is quite likely seeing as Becca is making a mint out of this product). As you all probably know, this highlighter has been legit ALL THE RAGE. It's broken all sorts of records and has been a serious bestseller. It's kind of ridiculous but also amazing, serious congrats to Jaclyn! Though this highlighter is limited edition, I suspect it will stick around as long as it keeps selling. It's currently still instock on the Sephora website for $60 which is the price of the regular Shimmering Skin Perfectors. I have no idea why it was $58 when I bought it, bit of a stuff up on their end I suspect.

Anyway, I will do a review of this (though there are a million out there already) but so far, this is living up to ALL of the hype. It is seriously gorgeous and INTENSE. By far the most pigmented, shimmery-sheeny highlighter I own.

This, and the next product, I fully intended on buying on my US trip. With the current crappy exchange rate, and once you include tax, it works out around the same or even cheaper to buy from the Australian website. The launch of Sephora's online store will no doubt lighten my US shopping list which is rather convenient! Originally I was tossing up between Captivating and Tipsy but opted for the former as it seemed more unique in my collection (as unique as a peach blush can be...). It's a really pretty matte peach shade - there's not much to say about it! I already have Exposed which I really like but never thought the formula was anything spectacular. This one still has a similar hard texture but seems slightly more pigmented. We'll see how I go with it!

And to think I was done with the contour kits. I actually don't have that many - so I feel this purchase was justified somewhat... I'm not happy with my Australis one and will be getting rid of it soon, and the KVD palette seemed like it had the best reviews. The market is currently SATURATED with contouring palettes but this one gets the seal of approval from a lot of my favourite bloggers and vloggers. The texture of the powders is so lovely, smooth, pigmented and easily blended. I also think I'll be able to get use out of all of the shades which is great! Currently the selection of KVD products on the website is FEEBLE which is a shame because I really want to try more from her brand. Hopefully they start stocking the liquid lipsticks soon!

Ultimately, I'm really happy that the Sephora Au online store is finally here, despite how long it took and how not that many brands/products are available. I think Sephora Au need to get their shiz together, I think it's odd that everything seems to be half-done, but I am glad that I finally have access to products I've been wanting to try for ages, and no doubt will be making another order soon-ISH.

Have you ordered anything from the Sephora Au site yet?