Monthly Favourites // October 2015

October faves comin' at ya today! A wee bit late (by my standards haha :P) due to exams and me werkin' all weekend but MY EXAMS ARE FINITO NOW! I'M DUN FOR THE YEAR! EVERYBODY CELEBRATE! Enough caps yet? Anyhow, October was a quiet month for the blog which I'm so sorry about but I promise y'all, I'm gonna get back into it in full force! I have quite a few new things to share with you this month, but I was also feeling VERY spendy so I'm sure next month will be even more exciting! ;) (oh god, it will be december by then WHAT IS HAPPENING)

People for Plants Foaming Cleansing Gel*
I got this at the Obsession 2015 event back in March but have only whipped it out this past month or so since I finished up my other morning time cleanser. I was a bit hesitant due to the words "foaming" and "gel", but it's a natural brand and is sulphate free so I had hope! I must say, this is a really lovely cleanser. It's not really a gel, but almost like a jelly gel? It's pretty hard to explain but it feels really lightweight and jelly-like, you can definitely tell it's made of a lot of aloe vera! Because it does contain some really lovely ingredients, I find it super refreshing on the skin, and not at all drying. It doesn't foam up so much as it "gently lathers". I rally like it and for summer (not even summer yet but iT SURE FEELS LIKE IT) mornings, it's a winner.

Benzac AC 5%
I've already briefly praised this guy in my haul, but so far my skin has definitely made a turnaround (touch wood)! It might be a combination of things like using Lush Cosmetic Warrior mask three times a week (excessive, but I HAVE to finish dat shiz up, it's already a week past expiry...shhhhh) or drinking green tea (is that supposed to help your skin? idk but I feel like it does? #zen), but this new spot treatment has definitely attributed to my good better skin. It helps diminish whiteheads within a couple of days, and reduces the size of larger, cystic acne within a few days to a week! So far it hasn't been drying on me either.

Sigma 3DHD Kabuki*
K, I'll be honest, when I first saw these "3DHD" brushes on the interwebs, I totally thought they were a gimmick. The shape just seemed silly to me? In saying that, I was really excited to finally try some Sigma brushes, and maybe it's just because they're really good quality, but this brush is damn GEWD. The shape is odd but I don't buff my foundation in with it, I press it in which is a method I've been rather enjoying of late! It really amps up the coverage of whatever I'm using. The dense, flat sides of this brush work really well for that, and the pointed edge does get into crevices well, as it was designed to do! 

Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush in Shimmering Lotus
I've been rotating through quite a few blushes this month, but this one has really stuck out to me. It's just such a damn unique formula! It's a liquid-gel housed in a pot with a net to keep it all together. I just use my Real Techniques Contour Brush and dip into the lid to apply. I must say, these are very sheer - at least this shade which is comparatively light - definitely living up to the watercolour name! The result is an uber translucent, gorgeous flush of dewy colour! It reminds me a lot of the Josie Maran Watercolour Cheek Gelee but more dewy. Shimmering Lotus is a gorgeous peachy-pink with a fine golden shimmer - absolutely gorgeous on the cheeks and so summery!

I've already talked about this babe in a review post and a favourites, but it has been gracing my cheeks once again this month! I've been all about da glow lately (honestly, who hasn't) and this one pairs particularly well with Shimmering Lotus. I've been just applying it to my cheekbones and blending it with my Contour Brush (that thing should really be a fave as well) and it gives SUCH a gorgeous SHEEEEN to the cheeks. The shade is a soft champagne-gold. Wot a stunna. 

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Rose Gold
Wheeeeeeeee I made a holiday 2015 purchase! I will be sure to haul my holiday 2015 picks on the blog soon, don't worry, I won't spend up too big ;) I bought the Laura Mercier Matte-to-Metal Caviar Stick Set which contains six deluxe sizes of her famous cream eyeshadow sticks. I've been wanting to try these for quite a while and missed out on the set last year. The shades included are gawwwjus, lots of neutrals but a subtle purple-taupe (amethyst) and a deep khaki. I do wish there were more mid-tone shades though. Anyway! My most used so far (I've only had 'em for a couple of weeks) is definitely Rose Gold. Such a typical me shade for all over the lid - its a warm, champagne beige-y colour. These are super creamy and pigmented but set quite quickly. Lasting power is amazing, however I do use a primer first!

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in Smooth Talker
The entire Mauve set I purchased has been a hit, but I've gotten the most use out of this lip gloss! It's really quite unique in my collection. It's like NARS Orgasm - a warm pink with a suuuuuper fine golden shimmer. The effect makes the lips super glawssay and plump looking. This does have a minty scent and a cooling (plumping?) feel on the lips which I actually quite enjoy, it's not too strong at all. The texture is on the thicker side and it does have the slightest thickness (as much as I'm willing to tolerate), but I must say it is quite long lasting (for a gloss that is)!

Phew! Word vomit over! Look forward to lots of new thangs on the blog soon ;) What have you been loving this month?

*Products provided for consideration.