Haul // Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics

Another week, another haul - this time of the drugstore variety! If all goes well...I think I'll have another haul going up next week too (Sephoraaaaa hehehh). Yeeeeah I really need to get a handle on my spending. If you guys were unaware though, Priceline currently has their famous 40% off cosmetics sale on! It goes for two days and today is the last day so I thought I'd share the bits I picked up yesterday! I had a list, and I stuck to it! My savings were actually pretty great because the chick accidentally (I think it was an accident...) scanned my payback voucher twice so I got an extra $11 off haha :P Shh... It's been a while since I've hauled from Priceline though. Can't say I've been too eager to shop there since they sacked me :P Can't deny a good sale though and I picked up a few things I've been wanting to try for ages!

Models Prefer Airbrush Foundation Brush
I've been meaning to try Models Prefer brushes for ages since they seem to be really great quality! The Airbrush range called out to me because of their similarity to the Sephora Pro brushes (apparently they're made in the same factory??). The Airbrush Foundation is quite a small pinched dome brush with synthetic hairs. I think this will be great for precise foundation application, cream face products or other cheek products! I also really wanted to pick up the Highlight/Contour brush but they were out of stock! :(

Models Prefer Soft Touch Mineral Powder in Soft Focus
Another product I've wanted to get for ages - Models Prefer in general man. This line of mineral powders are apparently super similar to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders. Since I skipped on the ambient palette and definitely won't be shelling out of a full size, I'm giving this budget alternative a go! Soft Focus is the shade a lot of people use for all over. It could possibly be a bit too pale on me, but I think applied lightly it should be fine! It has a really soft sheen/glow with no discernible shimmer or glitter!

Max Factor Face Finity Primer
I have seriously been wanting this for ages (broken record much) but this shiz is EXPENSIVE. It's like $32!! Definitely one to snag in the sale. I've heard raves about this primer and I really don't have any primers designed to prolong the wear of my makeup shockingly enough (most of mine are hydrating or silicone/pore-filling). I'm pretty psyched for this and my primer collection has grown pretty damn rapidly!

Essie Go Ginza
I knew I wanted to pick up an Essie polish but I wasn't sure exactly which one! There are so many shades from the line that call to me, but I don't have any shade like Go Ginza already, plus it totally fits with the pastel-almost-white vibe I've been feeling lately. It's a suuuper pale lavender purple, kinda like a purple version of Fiji! My Essie collection is slowly growing hehehhhh :D

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in In Full Blue-m
This shade is from the new Spring collection and dayum it just caught my eye! Another unique shade in my collection but one I'm really feelin' right now. It's a dusty, greyed-out light blue that I think looks super chic! Also, oddly enough, the Spring collection is only $9.95 as opposed to $14/15 of the usual CSM polishes...odd but I ain't complainin'!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Street Flair
Can you tell what sort of nail shades I've been gravitating toward? Street Flair is a dusty grey-lilac, that, like In Full Blue-m, I think will look super chic and sophisticated! I wanted to buy one of the Miracle Gels because I ended up with the top coat at a blogger event. Well, technically everyone received a duo of a gel shade and the top coat but I missed out :( so Cherie was kind enough to give me her top coat! Didn't want it to go to waste haha :P

So I'd say my haul was pretty restrained and I'm happy with what I picked up! To be honest, there's not much else from the drugstore that's really appealing to me at the moment. I don't know what's happened, but I think I've finally gone high end! :O Did you guys hit up the hectic sale though? What did you pick up!?

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