We're Cool for the Summer

Spring is almost over and Summer is upon us. Though, here in Brisbane Spring and Summer always seem to muddle up with each other! The weather of late has been hella rowdydowdy (yeah that's actually a word). It's basically been a series of suuuuper hot, humid days, followed by intense thunder and rain storms. It's been hot and cold and wet and just damn INDECISIVE. Figure yoself out weather. Anyway - I've managed to round up a few of what you could call my "Summer essentials". I tend to wear whatever makeup I want regardless of the season, but I think these products lend themselves particularly well to hot weather! 

Evian Facial Spray*
Though I think these water-in-a-can products are kiiiinda unnecessary and a waste of money, there's no doubt they are FUN to use. The mist is soooo fine and refreshing. When it's particularly hot, I love sprayin' maself down with this stuff. It's literally just water, but it almost feels creamy like it's moisturising? I also like using it to wet my face before a face mask, or if my makeup is feeling particularly dry or powdery, a quick spritz of this melds it all together!

Asap Moisturising Daily Defence SPF50*
SPF is a must all year round, but Summer especially. Whenever I wear makeup I tend to use my Biore sunscreen which also acts as an amazing mattifying primer. For days when I'm bumming around at home with no makeup, I reach for this guy as my day cream. In saying that, it works fine under makeup too! This has a lot of the typical markers of a sunscreen in the scent and it also leaves a tiiiny light cast to the skin but it goes away once it sinks in. The texture is thicker and a tiny bit greasy BUT I find it gives such an amazing moisturised glow to my skin? Like dayum I strobed. The high SPF is amazing, but it doesn't feel heavy or sticky, and moisturises really well!

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
It took me a while to get into this but I've come to really like it. I generally use this on super hot days, or when I'm wearing my makeup for 8+ hours. When sprayed it doesn't feel drying but it doesn't really help with any powderiness you make have (at least, I don't spray enough of it to have that effect). I only do about two spritzes (the mist is so fine - I love) and I can definitely feel it doing something. I find I have less oil breakthrough and just generally my makeup lasts better, longer!

Of COURSE this guy is getting a shoutout! Everybody wants to look like a smexy bronzed goddess in the Summer, and this has basically every need fulfilled. Particularly the shades Sun Bunny and Beach Bunny which are more shimmery bronze shades. These work amazing on the high points of the face to give a lot of warmth and bronze glow! Endless Summer is a nice pick too (can you tell I'm just mentioning the ones with Summery names lol) as it is slightly lighter and sheerer than the other bronzers so it's great for all over!

God I bloody love this stuff ALL YEAR ROUND. This is legit the longest lasting eyeshadow formula I've ever tried. On it's own, it lasts all day with some creasing by the end of the day on my oily lids. Paired with a primer and/or powder...THIS SHIZ AIN'T GOING NOWHERE. Plus, doesn't the product in general scream Summer? It's half COCONUT WATER for god's sake. Rio de Rose Gold is an amazing waaarm coppery rose gold. So amazing all over the lid and blended out for a warm, easy eye look that lasts!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal
Sometimes I find too much highlighter can be overkill in hot weather. Sure you wanna look hella glowy, but you don't want to look OILY or SWEATY. Also sometimes I find some formulas just feel a bit heavy? The Shimmering Skin Perfector is perfection though. It's a lightweight liquid highlighter that gives the most gorgeous natural, wet sheen. Opal is an amazing pinky-beige too!

Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in Orange
When it comes to hot weather, I'm all about easy, hydrating sheer formulas that I can just slap on for everyday. This here tinted lip balm fits the bill perfectly! The formula is so lovely, it's balmy and sheeny - but not overly so. It's super moisturising on the lips and this particular shade actually has quite strong pigmentation. Orange is super Summer-appropriate too and can be built up of a slightly bolder, juicy lip!

Stila Aqua Glow Watercolour Blush in Shimmering Lotus
This is just about THE quintessential Summer blush! It reminds me a lot of the Josie Maran Watercolour Cheek Gelee which is also amazing for the Summer. Both have an amazing sheer, translucent effect. The Stila blush is actually quite sheer and I like applying the liquid-gel formula with a Real Techniques Contour Brush. The effect is a super glowy, almost wet look and juicy, flushed cheeks. Shimmering Lotus is the perfect everyday Summer shade. It's a peachy-pink with a fine gold shimmer that just adds to the glow!

Though I'm not overly keen for Summer (I just can't STAND the heat), I know these prods'll get me through. What are your Summer essentials and have you tried any of these products?

*Products provided for consideration.