Sigma; Summed Up

Today I have another brand spotlight post for you all, but with a witty-ass title ;) The brand in question is Sigma and the nerdy side of me wanted to incorporate some maths (sigma in maths means the sum of .... whatever you want really). Anyway, if you got it from the get go, ILY but also I don't miss maths at all - BITCH BYE. A little while ago I was accepted into the Sigma Affiliate program which was suuuper exciting for me, and they very generously sent over a welcome pack with a range of amazing goodies! This is my first experience with Sigma and I must say, I'm impressed!

L-R: E39, E55, E54, 3DHD Precision, 3DHD Kabuki

A slight adaption of their innovative 'oven mitt' brush cleaning glove, the express version is just a more compact version of it. Before trying it, I totally thought these silicone brush cleaning devices were total gimmicks, however, after using is quite a few times - I have to say I've fallen in love! This shiz is so HAND-y ;P. Previously I was just washing my brushes in a cup and did notice sometimes, particularly with dense foundation brushes, not all of the foundation was getting cleaned out. That's what is so great about this glove, it has a bunch of different textures for washing and rinsing for both eye and face brushes, and they really help in getting deeper into the brush and cleaning it out. My brushes are totally cleaner and I'm a convert! 

I've already mentioned this guy in a favourites, so y'all know I love it. I alsooo thought this shape of brush was a bit of a gimmick, but surprisingly I love it. I'm not sure if it's specifically the shape, or just the fact that it's the first Sigma face brush I've tried and the quality is just amazing??? I love the flat edges for patting foundation/BB cream in, I get really excellent coverage! The shape also fits well under the eyes and around the nose.

The baby version of the 3DHD Kabuki, I use this one for concealer in a similar manner to the foundation brush. I like it but I prefer concealer brushes like Zoeva Concealer Buffer or the Real Techniques ones!

This brush is quite unique in my collection. It's like a slightly larger, domed pencil brush that is dense but also has a bit of fluffiness. I love it for applying colour precisely to my crease, or blending out cream eyeshadow!

The E54 is a slightly thinner, longer flat shader brush that is quite pinched but still a tiny bit fluffy. I like this for precision shadow application on the lid, or even using the top to apply eye shadow on my lower lash line.

Oh the classic E55! It's a standard eye shader brush, a little bit fat and fluffy but it applies shadow really well. Not much more to say!

L-R: Go Dutch Lip Base, Get Ready Lip Vex, Cheeky Blush, Fawn Eyeshadow

I was really excited to try Sigma's makeup seeing as it's actually quite affordable. I do hear things about their makeup line but on the whole, it's relatively underrated I think! The products they sent me are tooootally up my alley much to my excitement!

The Lip Bases are essentially fat lip liners that you could use as a liner or a straight up matte lip colour. The formula is really lovely, it's quite creamy and pigmented but has pretty much a completely matte finish. It isn't too drying but it does accentuate dry patches! Go Dutch is such a beautiful shade - it's a pale peachy-nude that, thankfully, isn't too pale for me! I love this on it's own or underneath other peachy-nude glosses or lipsticks!

This is probably the only product I'm a bit iffy on. The golden-peach shade LOOKS beautiful, however it has some really obvious gold glitter flakes which you can see in the swatch. Now these look really pretty and are more flakey than glittery, so surprisingly you can't feel them on the lips at all. However, like many other glittery/shimmery lip products. the glitter just STICKS to your lips and once the gloss is gone, you're left with just plain glitter, which I really hate. It's especially bad when I wear this on it's own, but over the top of the Lip Base it's not terrible. Not my number one pick though. The formula itself is really nice - non-sticky but I also dislike the brush applicator which has splayed all over the place.

Oh em geeee this blush is so ME i CAN'T. It's a matte dirty, almost 'burnt' peach shade. I have a couple of similar shades in my collection, but I love them all as I find this colour super flattering on me and it generally goes with everything, especially warm looks. The formula is lovely; super smooth, pigmented (though not overly so) and blends amazingly. It looks a little patchy in the swatch but that's because I had just wiped my arm with a face wipe, so ignore that!

This particular shade is not one I'd typically reach for, but I actually really like it. It's like an antiqued pewter shade, which has flashes of silver, bronze and almost green. It's quite unique and very beautiful! The shadow is well pigmented and smooth, however it is quite glittery so there can be fallout! You guys KNOW I'm a warm gurl through and through, so to ground this shade I pair it with warm browns in the crease and I think it looks super pretty!

Go Dutch Lip Base

Go Dutch Lip Base + Get Ready Lip Vex

So there is my review on all of the Sigma products I own! Overall, I'm super impressed with pretty much everything I have. I'm definitely interested in trying more from them, they have quite an extensive makeup line now and of course they have a plethora of brushes for every need! You can shop Sigma here. You can also use the code 'SIGMAPINK' to get 10% off till December 31st!

Have you tried anything from Sigma?

*Products sent for consideration. This post contains affiliate links.