What I've Been Watching #3

For the past few months, I have been ON that Netflix train. Legit. I've started and finished quite a few series since my last TV shows post that I wanted to give a mention. All the shows I watch are back as well which gives me reason to live. I've been loving tuning in to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, How to get Away with Murder and more on a weekly basis! To hear more about what I've been MARATHONING though, keep reading ;)

I finished this quite a little while ago so the mems aren't so fresh in my mind. I actually hadn't heard much about this show and I started watching it on a whim when it caught my eye on Netflix - I mean, Amy Poehler was in one of the preview images! It took a little while to get into, but this show is quite hilarious. It's about a pretty messed up family of which each member is pretty damn crazy. Except for Michael of course, who has to keep everyone in line when their father is arrested. The characters are so quirky and weird, and hard to take seriously - not that you're supposed to! They definitely grew on me and I've come to love them. I couldn't hand Buster's childishness in the beginning, but he actually became one of my favourite characters! His facial expressions tho. The running gags throughout the show make it so worthwhile - there are so many inside jokes! It's an easy show to have on in the background for a laugh. The latest Netflix-original season wasn't my favourite, though I did love Ron Howard's cameos :P

I just finished watching this last night...oh the teaaars. I whizzed through the seven seasons very quickly (as you do) and I don't even know how to describe it, but it really deserves all of the accolades it receives. This shiz is QUALITY TELEVISION. Daaaamn Jon Hamm. I'm in awe at how seriously he plays Don Draper (who I hate that I love) yet he can be so comedic in other roles! The characters are SO well developed, you learn so much about them throughout the course of the show, and events from their past and during really affect their actions. Dat complexity. I definitely have my favourite characters; Peggy and Stan are so adorable, and am I the only one who LOVES Ken?? That tap dancing scene lmaaoooo. The show itself is so flexible, it's a drama but there are definitely comedic and shocking moments throughout. I also find the advertising side of it SO interesting, and the whole 60s setting is so mesmerising. I'm obsessed with the style and makeup. Those ladies are so polished! I'm forever captured by Betty's manicure lol.

Again, I started watching this on a COMPLETE whim. I've never really watched anything like it (it being an adult cartoon, besides a few episodes of Family Guy here and there) and mainly gave it a go because of the actors in it. It's set in a world where animals and humans coexist (there was a really deep episode about chickens farming chickens), focusing on Bojack, a washed-up 90s sitcom actor. This show is SO much more than what I expected. It's a comedy but OH LAWD it really punches you in the stomach with EMOTION. It cuts deep man. I think I cried watching it???? But yeah, at times it can be quite crass but it is pretty dang funny. Don't underestimate it just because it's a cartoon! It's a very easy show to just whiz through, I think I got through both seasons within a week? And yes, this was during uni... :P I don't really know what else to say about this show other that It really caught me by surprise. The whole premise seems ridiculous but the character development, relationships and comedy are really great!

Now that I'm on holidays, you can bet yo ass I be watchin dem shows. I've just started Narcos, will be watching Master of None (Aziz Ansari's Netflix show) shortly, and I am SO RIDICULOUSLY PUMPED for Jessica Jones. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER??!?! Chills man, I got chills (they multiplyin).

What have you been watching lately? Any recommendations?