Becca's Ombré Nudes

Becca - the brand that has been taking the world by storm! I've only tried their cheek products; their shimmering skin perfectors (powder and liquid) which I LOVE, and their shimmer souffle which I'm pretty lukewarm about. Another of their hit products is their Ombré Nudes Eye Palette* which i was lucky enough to try out! As much as I think Becca has some beautiful, quality products - I'm a bit annoyed that they're an Australian brand that really hard to get in Australia. In person, you can only find them at Sephora since they pulled from David Jones. Luckily though, there are a bunch of online retailers such as Activeskin that sell Becca - and often at a slightly discounted price!

The packaging of this palette is sleek and compact - a long, thin plastic compact that is pretty travel friendly. It doesn't feel the most luxe, but it's practical as there's no extra bulky space and it has a mirror.

The premise behind this palette is pretty much a selection of natural, nude shades to subtly highlight and contour the eyes. I would pretty much agree with that as the shades are definitely nude. You get five matte shades ranging from (1) a beige-cream, (2) a light-medium warm-toned brown, (3) a slightly darker more neutral-warm brown, (4) a neutral dark brown and (5) a more cool-neutral deep brown. As you can probably tell, tonally there's not too much differentiation and you're basically just stepping down in depth as you go along the line. My one qualm with the shades is that the two darkest browns are very similar and achieve the same effect. I feel like maybe replacing one with a black or some other shade would have increased versatility? To that end, this palette works really well for itself - the colours go together nicely and definitely achieve that nude contoured eye look. However, because there's not much colour differentiation, you're pretty limited with what looks you can achieve. You pretty much only have the option of creating a light, medium or dark, brown matte eye - if you're using this alone! However, it's an amazing accompaniment to any other palette or shimmery shadow as you have everything you need to create depth and definition. 

The formula of these shadows is beautiful! They feel ultra soft, and accordingly, they will kick up a bit of powder in the pan. Pigment levels are good, but on the softer side which is nice when you're aiming for a more nude eye look. These blend effortlessly - though you can run into a teensy bit of a problem with that! Because these shadows are similar tonally, and blend really well, sometimes they have the tendency to just blend together/get a bit muddled easily. I find that works well in the crease, but when trying to create definition on the outer corner, you need to be a bit more specific with placement and don't go overboard blending. There is enough difference though in depth of the shadows that they show up against each other! Wear time was pretty standard and creased only at the end of the day, with primer. 

Overall this is a gorgeous little palette - perfect for travelling or general everyday use if you know you reach for these sorts of matte shades all the time! However, if your collection is overflowing with nude/neutral shadows, this won't be too unique and you probably wouldn't find the value in it. I think beginners would really enjoy this though, or those lacking in good, everyday matte eyeshadows!

Have you tried Becca eyeshadows?

*Product sent for consideration. 

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