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With it's launch (or re-launch, I suppose), H&M's beauty range sure made a splash in the beauty community. It was kinda sudden, especially because the range is SO huge! Their collection of products ranges from makeup to nails, body and hair - there's so much to choose from! I managed to get my hands on three things while I was in the US - I was restrained! I read somewhere that it's supposed to make its way to Aussie stores this year...but that news was a while ago and I haven't heard any updates since! I really hope it comes soon because I would be hella keen to try out some more from them...

Right off the bat, their packaging makes a huge impression. Although they are at a very affordable price point, the packaging really appears otherwise! They look amazing, with chic minimal black and white packaging, and gold accents. I ADORE the hexagonal blushes, and the eyeshadow compacts look amazing too. Feeling-wise, they are made out of thin plastic so they feel pretty cheap, but I love that they look expensive.

H&M Powder Blusher in Cameo Pink
Now there's quite a decent shade range in both the powder and cream blush lines, but I opted for Cameo Pink because it seems to be the most talked about shade! It's like nothing else in my collection; a super soft, matte, pale pink with slightly mauve/cooler tones. I'm not one typically one for pink blushes, but I feel the mauve tones make it a bit more sophisticated, and flattering on me. It's a nice nude, "nothing-y" blush that goes with pretty much anything! Formula wise, the powder is soft but not too soft - it doesn't kick up powder when you sweep your brush in. It's fairly light in pigment (also due to the lighter shade) but applies and blends effortlessly, and can be built up. Overall, it's an excellent fool proof blush in both shade and formula!

H&M Powder Eye Shadow in Baci de Dama
Their eye products seem to be getting a lot of raves - from their cream shadows, to their liners! I ended up getting one of the single shadows which is rare for me since I always reach for palettes, but this shade was just too beautiful to pass up! Baci de Dama is a very unique colour, and one that looks different in different lights! Sometimes it's a soft bronzey-gold, other times it almost has a rosy tone! It's difficult to explain, but it's pretty much the perfect lid colour. It's like nude-y and sophisticated but super pretty with the soft metallic/shimmery finish. The formula is amaaaazing! It's really soft, but again won't kick up powder. It may not be the most creamy/buttery formula, but the pigmentation is really good, and again, it's easy to blend. The lasting power is fairly average - like most powder shadows on me, it does crease toward the end of the day, with primer. An absolute stunner of a lid colour though that I've been reaching for on the daily!

H&M Nail Polish in Go-To Greige
As you guys maaaay or may not know, lately I've been really into creamy nude/neutral nail polishes, and soft pastel colours. Go-To Greige is such a staple colour that I feel my collection was severely lacking! It's an amazing greige-y/taupe neutral shade that isn't too dark or too light. Colours like these make me feel so shhheeeeeky-deeky and like I'm a 9-5 office woman who has her shit together. Ja feel. The formula on these polishes thoooo - AMAZING. It's like thick and shiny, and really pigmented. I do two coats but you could probs get away with one. I find two coats plus like top/base coat makes it last really well though - I'm talking one week with tip wear, and extremely minimal chipping!

Sooooo, I pretty much love everything I got. You deserve the hype H&M! Now come over to Australia already ya bastards!

Have you tried anything from H&M's beauty range?

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