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Shopping for clothes online is not something I partake in too often - I like to see and feel things and am always paranoid an item won't fit or suit me! I must say though, ASOS is a standby site for me. I ordered both my semi-formal and formal dresses from there! They have amazing good quality basics (and trendier items) at reasonable prices, plus they always have a tonne of stuff on sale! I should also mention, they have an amazing range of beauty brands too! Once I start scrolling, I ain't stoppin'... I decided to have a bit of a browse the other night and ended up with three things in my cart! 

I'm forever feeling like my wardrobe is lacking good basics so apparently I was feeeeling the white tops?? I JUST WANNA LIVE THAT MINIMALIST LIFE. Also I'm loving the high neck situation because I find that most flattering on me! Gotta love that flat-chested life. I managed to score both of these on sale too - only way to go ;)

So I've realised I really like sleeveless tops but with high necks and not too scoopy arm lines (does that even make sense). I find them flattering on and quite chic-y deeky. This top is more knitted than I expected, and quite thick so I think I'll only start wearing it once the weather cools down. I got a size 6 (most of the sizes were sold out haha) and it is a weee bit tight, but I think I can get away with it. I think this will look great with jackets and high waisted thangs.

What I realised is that I have like no basic tops, especially no white tops! This is a great addition to my wardrobe I think as it can literally be worn with anything, and the high neck and slightly longer sleeves make is quite versatile - I really think you can dress it up or down. It's a really light, thin soft material and has that flattering seem down the middle. The loose swing fit is really pretty, but it also looks amazing tucked in. 

I've really been wanting to up my earring game for a while now - I literally never change my earrings. Since I got my hair cut though, I always tuck my hair behind my ear on one side so I thought - I better bling up that ear! These more dainty 'cuff' earrings have really caught my eye. I only have one piercing but these make it look like you have more. This particular earring actually fits well on my tiny ear lobe and I think it's a really pretty, dainty way of making it look like I have more piercings! I really like these and they're super comfortable to wear too!

I also thought I'd take this opportunity to mention a company called UNiDAYS which offers student discounts for university students on a huge range of sites! Depending on the site, you can get discounts from 10% - 50% off brands like The Iconic, Missguided, Novo, Beginning Boutique and many many more - even beauty brands like Australis and Bella Box. Check out the full range of brands here! I got 10% off of Asos (only on full priced items) which is great when you happen to shop there all the time! You can use the discounts both in store and online. If you're a student and not already signed up to UNiDAYS - you can sign up here

I would really like to incorporate more fashion posts into the blog but I always find it so difficult to take photos of clothes! They always look so amateur haha. Don't even get me started on OOTDs - I ain't got a photographer, and posing?? Fuggedaboudit. Though I am super interested in possibly having a huge declutter and starting a capsule wardrobe a la Vivianna does Makeup? That's a bit of a holiday project haha :P

Do you like online shopping for clothes? Let me know your favourite sites!

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