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One of my favourite drugstore brands, Rimmel, has been on FIYAH lately with their new releases! The past couple of months has seen the launch of a new lipstick line, lip liner shades, cream shadow sticks, a tinted primer and a contour kit! I've been lucky enough to have been sent some of the new goodies and have been testing them out quite a bit! Keep reading to hear my thoughts...

L-R: #Instaflawless, Kate Moss Sculpting Palette

#Instaflawless Skin Tint in Light Medium*
Not one hunnet percent keen on the name of this product, but I guess everyone's trying to jump on that ~instagram/filtered/airbrushed skin~ bandwagon. This is sort of a confusing product to me - it claims to basically be a tinted primer that provides hydration, evens skin tone and gives a glow...so basically a glorified tinted moisturiser? Ultimately, it is a tinted moisturiser but I actually quite like it! The coverage is very light and not very buildable, but it does help even out the skintone (reduce redness, etc) to a degree, and with some spot concealing, it makes for a great no makeup-makeup base. I have also tried it as a primer and I can't say it did wonders. It did add a little hydration, but the glow is fairly minimal. I can't really tell if it helped with longevity, but it didn't make me any oilier which is a plus! There are only two shades which is a let down, but since it's quite sheer, a few different skin tones could get away with using the same shade!

Kate Moss Sculpting Palette in Coral Glow*
I was super keen to try this guy out as, although I'm a bit tired of contour palettes, there haven't been too many from the drugstore that I've loved! I also love the convenience of having a blush, bronzer and highlighter in one, slim compact (you also get a tonne of product!). I think there's only this shade available in Australia at the moment, which is unfortunate because it won't suit all skintones. I think it will work well for light-medium skin tones mainly! The highlighter is a gorgeous creamy-nude shade with a shimmery finish, however the shimmer isn't super intense or wet looking on the skin. This is definitely a more subtle option that I think works really well for during the day where my other highlighters can be a bit intense! The contour/bronzer shade is fairly neutral, with an almost mauvey undertone. This does have a slight shimmer to it, I'd say it's a satin finish so it's not perfect for contouring, but I enjoy it as a "brontour". I think this would work particularly well for pale skin as it's not too warm or dirty looking, and isn't too dark! It's not super pigmented either making it easy to blend, and hard to overdo. The blush is a really pretty, matte peachy-coral. I'm glad they kept it matte with the other two being shimmery! It applies really well and blends easily!

L-R: Dark Side of the Blue, Kissed by a Rose Gold (shadow then liner)

Magnifeyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner in Dark Side of Blue* and Kissed by a Rose Gold*
These might be my favourite new release! These handy dandy shadow sticks are double ended, featuring a cream shadow on one end, and a kajal liner on the other. The formula is pretty damn good on these - they are suuuuper creamy and pigmented, gliding on really easily. They set fairly quickly, though you have a little time to buff and blend. Once they do set though, they last extremely well. Typically on my oily lids, most cream shadows don't fare too well and I need a primer and powder shadow with them. These are actually really good, with just primer I do get a little creasing at the end of the day, but the colour is still there and intense! Dark Side of Blue* has a dark grey shadow with a low pearl finish, and a matte cobalt blue liner. I actually haven't used this shade yet (way outta my comfort zone!) but I must say the blue is GORG. Kinda want to bust this out seeing as coloured liners are all the rage right now! Kissed by a Rose Gold* is obviously my most worn with a high pearl rose gold/copper shadow, and a deep warm brown liner with slight reddish shimmer. These shades are so up my alley - I love the shadow all over with either the liner as liner, or blended into the outer corner! The one thing I dislike about the kajal liners (which is a common occurrence) is that once the tip wears down you don't really have any way of sharpening them :/

L-R: Peachy-Beachy, Addiction

L-R: Naughty Nude, It's a Keeper, You're All Mine, Pink a Punch, Peachy-Beachy, Best of the Best

Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Peachy-Beachy* and Addiction
I already have one of these lip liners in the ever-famed Eastend Snob. I do like these, they aren't "creamy" but they do apply easily and are very pigmented with a super matte finish, but they do have the tendency be quite drying and they can feel a bit thick on the lips. In saying that, they last extremely well! Peachy-Beachy* is a new shade; quite a vibrant pinky-coral. You guys may know that I used to go crazy over these shades - but I don't know, I'm such a sheep that I'm really having a nude/mauve moment! I would love this liner though, except - it has a bunch of silver glittery bits in it? You can sort of see them in the swatch but it's probably not the best example. I don't see the point in them as they're super sparse but still obvious and they stick to the lips - eugh. I picked up Addiction in the Priceline sale as it was compared to MAC Whirl which I can see, but I'd say it's probably more of a mauve-y-pink with a hint of brown, rather than a straight up brown. I kinda wish it was more brown but it is a really gorgeous shade that goes super well with my millions of mauve lippies.

The Only 1 Lipstick*
This is Rimmel's new lipstick line claiming to be the only one you need. This hybrid formula is supposed to give colour, comfort, moisture and wear. I can agree with most of those: these are extremely pigmented and give pretty full colour in one swipe; they are very creamy and have a slight sheeny finish that is very comfortable on the lips; moisture wise, they're not drying but I wouldn't say they're super moisturising; and wear time is pretty good for a creamy lipstick - they do stain a little bit! So these sound like great lipsticks, but they're actually not my favourite! These do have a really creamy formula and can transfer a little if you apply a thick-ish layer. I prefer to apply lightly and dab it in with my finger. I also find that the longer I wear it, they can start to feel a little bit sticky on my lips? It's not totally uncomfortable, but something worth noting. Another nitpick is the shape of the lipstick bullet. It's flat and round making it incredibly difficult to apply the lipstick precisely, especially around the edges. Also, the shade range isn't my favourite! There are a lot of bold shades, most of which are quite pink! Especially with a creamy formula like this, I would have preferred more nude and neutral colours. I do really like Naughty Nude, but that's kind of the only one I reach for tbh! These are decent lipsticks, but definitely not the only one for me!

Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate SPF15*
Lastly, Rimmel has released a lip balm containing SPF15! I think this is a great addition, and more lip balms need to have SPF! Formula-wise, it's quite thick with a glossy finish, and at times can be a little sticky. In terms of how well it moisturises, it's pretty average. It does provide a bit of a protective layer on the lips though. Nothing really to write home about but it's good to have a lip balm around with SPF for everyday, outdoor use!

Rimmel's new releases are all around a pretty good bunch, but my picks would definitely be the Magnifeyes Shadow + Liners and the Sculpting Palette if you're lacking something like it in your collection! All well worth checking out though!

Have you tried any of Rimmel's new products?

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*Products sent for consideration

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