Like Music to My Ears #5

It's about time for a music update post y'all! I haven't been listening to a tonne of new music since my last post, but there have been a few notable releases that I have been obsessing over lately. I thought they were worth a mention and I actually really like doing these posts to somewhat document what music I've been liking throughout the year [like a musical diary basically). Do you guys ever find that if you listen to a particular album on repeat and go back to it later it totally takes you back to that time?? (like scents but music lol). So these posts are my way of logging musical memories? Anywaaaay - now I'm rambling, let's just get into it!

Broods Conscious
I mentioned Broods a looooong time ago on the blog and they have remained to be one of (if not my) favourite bands! Their first album Evergreen is amazing and I still thoroughly enjoy listening to it these days. Their latest album Conscious came out a few weeks ago and I have been OB-SESSED. It's been on repeat y'all. Partly because it's freaking amazing, and partly because I saw them in concert earlier in the month and I had to learn all the words before I went! They were absolutely awesome live and they did a really good mix of songs from both of their albums and their first EP. We got a really good spot and saw them clearly and were super comfy - I'm pretty sure Georgia smiled at us!? Anyways, Conscious is a little more upbeat and electropop-y than Evergreen, but is still very much the unique Broods style. If you haven't already listened to at least some of their songs, you really must!!

Vera Blue Fingertips
I first discovered Vera Blue when I was listening to Triple J one Friday morning and she was doing Like A Version (basically Australia's version of BBC live lounge where artists cover songs), and she did a cover of Breathe Life and it was STUNNING. Her vocals are impeccable - LEGIT. Her name is actually Celia Pavey and she was on The Voice Australia a few years ago (I didn't really pay that much attention to her but I remember liking her? Not a huge The Voice fan tbh), but I'm seriously feeeeeeling her new style. She was the support act for Broods and I was so excited to see her live since - seriously - her voice is amazing and unique (just listen. please.). And WOW she doesn't disappoint! She was absolutely amazing live - honestly can't say enough good things! Her genre is indie-folk, quite unique and DEFINITELY worth a listen.

Olympia Self Talk
I heard Olympia's single This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things on the radio and made a mental note to check her out as I absolutely looooved that song! I pretty much loved her style from first listen, though the album on the whole took a few listens for me to really get into! She fits into the Indie genre but she has a good mix of mellow music, as well as upbeat songs that I enhoy having a bit of a "seat-dance" to. Her light, floaty(?) vocals complement both styles amazingly! The album itself is quite cohesive - the songs really flow into each other and it's just really easy to listen to and have on in the background. 

Bastille Good Grief
2014 was the year of Bastille for me - I was freaking obsessed with them! Then, they sort of subsided and my obsession went with it. They released a mixtape which I liked but didn't love, and then their other new single Hangin' was not my fave (it pretty much made no impression on me that I didn't listen to it again). They kept promising their second album and like bros, it's been two years - where is it?! And finally this year they announced it would be coming...soon and they released their single Good Grief which I had little expectation for..but - I love it! It's quite poppy compared to their other stuff, very jiggy and catchy and I thoroughly enjoy it. It makes me more excited about their album now!

What music have you been loving lately?

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