What I've Been Watching #5

Sheesh it's been a hot minute since I last did a TV show round up! It's not that I stopped watching TV (that would be earth shattering), but in the last six months I haven't really started watching any new TV shows, or enough to warrant a post! Plus, most of the shows I watch were back (and uni) so I didn't have time for new ones! That being said, since my last post I have watched (and marathoned) a few new shows like Mr Robot (awesome), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 (hilay), Daredevil season 2 (AMAZING), House of Cards season 4 (got pretty dang good in the second half), Love (pretty goodish), The Night Manager (goood) and I finished The Office (worth it)! I've also been watching Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Outlander which were the only shows I really cared about the past few months. Soooo...turns out I did watch a bunch of shows?? :P Anyway, here are some that I've watched a little more recently!

I actually hadn't heard too much about this show, aside from its quirky title, but my friend started watching it and recommended it so I gave in! This is a CW show (which I thought I'd outgrown! :P ) but is actually sooo good! It's for sure a very dramatic, soapy type show, but aimed towards a younger audience and is very fresh and modern. The premise is that Jane (the virgin) gets artificially inseminated and has to deal with the fact that her pregnancy has turned her life upside down! I love the characters and the relationships between them. While it is mainly a drama-comedy, it also has some unbelievable stuff that can be laughable. They also deal with a few issues rather subtly, but are still impactful. It's definitely a quirky show, but very addictive and an easy watch! (also I feel like I picked up some Spanish from it??? :P )

When the latest season dropped a few weeks ago, shockingly enough - I didn't marathon them all in the subsequent three days. I actually didn't start until like...2 weeks later! Talk about a shocker! I just wasn't that excited about it since I was kinda disappointed in season 3. Obviously though, I hauled ass over to Netflix and settled in for a marathon sesh, and season 4 was heaps better than season 3! The first few episodes were a bit eh, but once they really started digging into the issues going on in the prison (that also commented on issues in the real world), it was super good! It definitely got intense but still really well paced, and everything made sense. The finale (and penultimate episode) were soooo goood. Seriously though, if you haven't watched OITNB at all, you need to

I started watching Veep on my US trip actually, as my friend (who loves it) gave me all the episodes and I watched it on the flights between cities (where there wasn't any in-flight entertainment). Maybe it was because I was watching it on an aeroplane, but I wasn't too excited by it. It was funny and I enjoyed it, but I was only really watching it because I had nothing else to do, you know? I got through the first season, and it was only in the last month that I picked it up again. Maybe the first season was just sub-par (like a lot of comedies) or I just finally got into it (and started to actually vaguely understand the politics) but man, I LOVE IT. The show follows Vice President Selina Myer through her politicking and power plays and though I know little about US politics, I found this show pretty easy to follow and the characters really made up for anything I didn't get! They do swear a lot, but honestly - that's what makes the show! The show kind of follows the formula of everything that could go wrong, does which can be frustrating at times, but as a viewer it's pretty dang funny seeing how the characters react. 

I've been following this show for a while since I did one of my university assignments on John Oliver last year. I don't necessarily watch every single episode, but I do keep up with the clips they post on the Youtube channel and Facebook page. Australia was geo blocked from the main story videos on the Youtube channel (though apparently not anymore? But I don't believe they post all videos on YT) but we can still watch them on their facebook. Anyway, LWT is essentially a satirical news show (like the Daily Show) that exposes and breaks down real world issues in an informative yet funny way. He manages to make the news not only interesting, but thoroughly entertaining. Pretty much all of the main stories covered shed light on serious issues that I had very little knowledge about. One of his more recent videos that I found particularly enlightening was about Brexit, but some of my other faves include his story about Donald Trump and a classic about Tobacco! Highly recommend watching, I'm sure you'll find a topic he's covered that interests you, even if they're mainly related to the US. 

The Bachelorette (US) (season 12 aka Jojo)
Leeeellll sneaked in a lil bonus GUILTY PLEASURE. I'm not a fan of the premise of the bachelor or bachelorette, but DAMN it makes for some good TV. I thought the Aussie version was good but man...the US version gets pretty DAMN INTENSE. Oh the DRAMA. Seriously though, it's so extreme and just fricken hilarious. I know we all hate Chad, but isn't he just friggin hilay? He MADE this season. Props to you Chad, props to you. Anyway, I'll keep it short because there's not much substance to this show, and Chad's the only thing I (really) liked about it haha :P

Anywaaaays, let me know what you've been watching guys! I've just been catching up on shows I dropped mid season like The Mindy Project and Grey's Anatomy, but I'm seriously considering rewatching Gilmore Girls now that it's on Netflix cos....why not

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