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Although we still have a full month left of winter, it already feels like spring here in Australia! Seriously, the other day it was like 30 degrees celsius, how is that at all a winter temperature?! Makeup brands have already begun to roll out their spring releases, one of which is from Rimmel. They've released a brand new line of lipstick - the Moisture Renew Sheer & Shine lipsticks, an offshoot of their traditional Moisture Renew line. I was very kindly sent the whole range and am here to review them for you!

L-R: Pink Rules, Red-Y, Set, Go!, Spin All Spring, Glow-rious Pink, Better & Brighter, Woke Up Like This

The Sheer & Shine lipsticks have the same packaging as their Moisture Renew sisters except the lid is a sheer light pink. They close securely and stack nicely together - I'm a fan! These lipsticks also have a faint scent, it's almost lemon-y? I can't quite pin it down but it's pretty subtle and doesn't linger, nor does it make the lipsticks taste bad! 

As the name would suggest, these lipsticks are the sheerer and more shiny version of their Moisture Renew lipsticks which are much more pigmented. I don't actually own any of the original Moisture Renew lipsticks, but from testing them in store, they are pretty much full colour lipsticks that are extremely creamy and moisturising. The Sheer & Shine versions maintain the moisturising and creamy aspect, but have a sheerer and more translucent look on the lips. As you can tell though, the bright colours still certainly pack a punch! You can definitely layer them up a little to get more colour, though I like them sheer! The texture is extremely lightweight and slightly glossy. They definitely feel more like a lip balm than a lipstick and are super easy to apply without a mirror! They're very comfortable on the lips too - they're definitely moisturising to a degree, but they won't exactly heal your lips or do much for extremely dry lips! Like other lip products of this nature, the lasting power isn't amazing. Without eating or drinking, the shine will fade fairly quickly (in an hour or so) but a faint tint of colour will be left behind. If you do eat or drink though, the colour will be gone and need reapplication! The bold shades do leave a slight stain behind though!

There are six shades in the range and although it's limited, I think they've done a good job in choosing a variety.

Pink Rules is a neutral hot pink. It's super brightening to the face and is perfect for spring! The sheer, glossy aspect of the formula means it can be easily mushed into the lips if you wanted to tone it down!

Red-Y, Set, Go! is a vibrant, orange-toned red. This is a really pretty red but part of me wishes it was a bit more orange! That would make it absolutely perfect for summer and super juicy. Currently it's a tad too tomato-y for my liking :P (though I'm not super into red so I'm a bit biased!)

Spin All Spring is probably my favourite shade (whoda thunk it). It's a pale peachy-pink that has those washed out, creamsicle vibes that I absolutely love! It's sheer but definitely adds enough colour for an easy, everyday lip.

Glow-rious Pink is my second favourite - a light, muted pink that is just warm enough for me to like! Thank goodness it's not blue-toned and bubblegum-y because the warm tones make it more wearable in my opinion! It's super pretty though quite subtle on my pigmented lips!

Better & Brighter is a peachy-brownish nude. I like this shade but if I apply too much it can wash me out a little. It can be a bit pale and almost too peachy-brown that it looks a bit concealer-ish (though I imagine it would be a perfect nude on paler skintones)! It is a great MLBB though!

Woke Up Like This is my least favourite - a bit of a waste of effort if I'm honest! It's an extremely pale whitish-pink that is so sheer it barely shows up, and when you layer it of course it looks patchy and like you've got dead lips. Pass!

I know we've all been going mad for matte lips but come spring I think a good sheer, glossy option is great for a no fuss, everyday lip! I think the formula of these is absolutely lovely and the shade range has pretty much all of your bases covered! They retail for $13.95 but are currently on sale at Priceline!

Have you tried these out yet, or the original Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks?

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*These products were provided for consideration. 

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