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So it's been a hot minute since the crazed furor over the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection with the hype finally dying down...slightly. I figured now was a good a time as any to post my review on it as I've had it for a couple of months and have been using it pretty consistently! This review may be useless as there are a million out there already, and the palette is limited edition and currently sold out (though apparently Too Faced is working on another release come the holidays), BUT I do have some thoughts on this palette that I thought were worth sharing! As the title may suggest, I have seriously mixed feelings on this palette! I will try and articulate my thoughts concisely, but no promises - this post could be a bit of a word vomit!

The Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Collection is packaged much like the Chocolate Bar palettes (of which I have the first and LOVE). It comes in a metal tin with magnetic closure that isn't really secure. The outer packaging is very cute as it has little peach indents and an ombre colour. I like that they have the shade names printed above the pans, and that they've ditched the two larger pans found in the Chocolate Bar palettes and instead are all one size! One of the most notable 'gimmicks' about the palette is that it's peach scented. Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about that and I actually really like the scent. It's faintly like peach-hearts (lollies), but not sickly sweet. It's sort of more like a perfume scent, but still sweet and not artificial - though I don't think it smells like the actual fruit.

I'll dig right into the formula then - it's very hit and miss. I also found this to be the case in the original Chocolate Bar, there are a couple of downright terrible shades. However, many of them perform extremely well. The standout shimmer shades are Nectar, Luscious, Caramelized and Bellini. They are all very pigmented, buttery and have a good amount of shine to them. There is also a good variety of matte shades (six) of which all except Georgia are smooth, pigmented and easily blended. I will get into specifics of each shade in the shade descriptions but ultimately I found a decent chunk of the shades to be lacklustre (average in both formula and colour) or just plain bad (*cough* Talk Derby to Me *cough*). By this point, seeing as Too Faced has a billion eyeshadow palettes, I would've expected them to learn from their previous poorly performing shades and have a good formula across the board!

Another niggle I have is the shade range. With a name like Sweet Peach I was really excited - y'all know peach anything is a serious obsession of mine. This had so much potential to be unique and cool but unfortunately it fell short! The only "peach" colours in here are Just Peachy, Bellini and Candied Peach which are all quite similar to each other and are peachy-PINKS. There are no actual peach colours! Like, y'know - the fruit. Where are the pale oranges, the sherberts, the peach sorbets??!? Even though warm colours are all the rage now, I still feel like there aren't many of those shades and this was a real missed opportunity on Too Faced's part! I appreciate that they've provided some variety with neutrals, purples and a green but the "colours" are pretty dull and fall flat on the eye. I think a few shades could have been swapped out in favour of others for more variety. Although there are a lot of different shades, I feel like you can only achieve a few distinct looks.

L-R: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting, Charmed, I'm Sure

ROW 1 //

White Peach is a matte off-white. The pigmentation is lacking on this shade, though I didn't expect much from such a light colour.

Luscious is a light peachy-gold-champagney shade - one of my faves! This has an amazing formula, very creamy, pigmented and has high shine. 

Just Peachy is a peachy-pink shade with a slight gold sheen. Pretty much NARS Orgasm blush! The formula is pretty poor, not terribly pigmented and the gold doesn't really come through.

Bless Her Heart is a deeper golden olive shade. This wasn't necessarily a shade I was excited for (I haven't worn it yet) but I was hoping it would sort of be like Sumptuous Olive from MAC? Again, pigmentation was average and it definitely falls flat - I wish there was more of a rich olive green to it.

Tempting is a very deep, slightly greeny-purple shade? It looks more interesting in the pan but when swatched and worn it just looks black. While the pigmentation is good - the shade is lacklustre!

Charmed, I'm Sure is a matte medium-deep neutral brown. A good addition to a palette that's mostly warm! Very good formula and a good basic shade.

L-R: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable

ROW 2 //

Nectar is a very pale yellow-gold shade. I actually really like this shade, it's very pretty and can be quite intense. It's not super shimmery, but it does have a reflective, shiny element.

Cobbler is a medium warm bronzey shade with a slight shimmer. I really wanted to love this shade but unfortunately it's not the same shimmery formula as Caramelized or Luscious. It almost feels drier in the pan and is nowhere near as shimmery. It's still a good shade with good pigmentation, but I definitely think this could have been replaced with something else. It's like the less good version of Caramelized lol - they're very similar. 

Candied Peach is a vibrant corally-peachy-pink. This shade perplexes me. It's matte, but has odd pinky glitters in it which are basically undetectable. It's actually very pigmented but can be a little chalky. I don't hate this shade as I feel it can add a pop of colour, or a bit of interesting warmth in the crease. I like mixing this with Georgia for a more vibrant transition.

Bellini is a golden peachy-pink. Almost veering into blush territory, but made wearable with the high amount of gold shimmer! I really like this all over the lid and it has a good formula.

Peach Pit is a deep warm bronze with hints of purple. It has a similar formula to Cobbler - looks shimmery but sort of isn't and is kinda dry... Still works well but is just average!

Delectable is a deep maroon-purple. Again with the same formula as Peach Pit and Cobbler. This one is particularly disappointing though because it looks really pretty and like a wearable purple in the pan, but just ends up dark on the eye! What a lot of these shades need is more saturation because they end up falling flat on the eye and looking one dimensional no matter how many shades you use!

L-R: Peaches 'n Cream, Georgia, Caramelized, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby to Me

ROW 3 //

Peaches 'n Cream is a matte cream-beige but with a hint of peach. A staple for me all over the lid to the brow to set my eye primer! Good formula and pigmentation.

Georgia is a matte pale nude pinky-peach with a hint of mauve. I have a serious love-hate with this shade! It's such a pretty colour and makes the perfect transition for any of the warm/peachy looks, BUT it's super sheer. It needs to be layered a lot. At least when it has been layered it looks really blurred and diffused?

Caramelized is a shimmery coppery-bronze. Another standout shade that has an excellent formula and is amazing on the eye. You can pretty much slap this all over the lid, blend it out and have an easy smokey eye!

Puree is a matte medium-deep warm brown. Perfect mate to Caramelized! I use this shade a lot in my crease - y'all know I love a good matte warm brown. Excellent formula too, very soft, pigmented and blends well.

Summer Yum is a matte, deep reddish brown. A step darker than Puree - same formula and a great shade!

Talk Derby to Me aka the WOOOOORST. How did this shade make it in here?? It basically has a matte blacky-purple base with sparse purple glitter bits. Firstly, it feels terribly dry and chalky in the pan, and swatches like it. It has sh*tty pigmentation! Just...why. 

Sorry to end it on a sour note but...that's it! I hope the post wasn't too rambly but I also hope someone found it helpful and/or interesting! TL;DR the formula is very hit and miss, the shade range is lacking in PEACH and ultimately a lot of them fall flat on the eye and look very one dimensional. I know my review seems very negative, but I actually really like aspects of this palette. To that end, I don't regret the purchase as there are shades in here I know I will get a lot of use out of, BUT I do not think it is deserving of all the hype. If you missed out - I wouldn't sweat it, and if you still really want it just because everyone has it - I would rethink that one!

What are your thoughts on the Sour Sweet Peach Palette?

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