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I'm always on the lookout for burgeoning Australian brands to try, so I was super excited when I was introduced to some products from Biology, an Australian-made brand that utilises natural ingredients for clean formulas, are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. They have a range of hair, body and spa products with ranges for sensitive skin, as well as ones that utilise aromatic essential oils for a therapeutic, spa-like experience. I was very kindly sent their Ultra Hydrate Body Butter* and Skin Smoothing Body Buff*, and they've pleasantly surprised me indeed.

L-R: Body Buff, Body Butter

I absolutely adore the minimal packaging of the brand. Their packaging is made from biodegradable, recyclable materials and vegetable-based ink. I feel that the clean and simple aesthetic really matches with their ethos! My one gripe is that the two tubs I have look almost exactly the same which is nice aesthetically, but it can be very easy to get them mixed up! Luckily, I keep the scrub in the shower, because even the products themselves look super similar!

When I think of a body scrub, I immediately think chunky sugar or salt granules in an oily, moisturising base. So, imagine my surprise when I opened this jar to find what looked like a lotion! Colour me intrigued indeed. When I first used it I was kind of shocked by the sensation it caused on my skin! It basically has a creamy, lotion-y consistency that provides hydration and moisture with ingredients like shea butter and various oils. It's a really nice texture that is easily worked into the skin to get the buffing motion that exfoliates and "promotes microcirculation to assist the lymphatic system" (whatever that means). The exfoliation aspect is brought in by the bamboo powder which is so incredibly fine you can't even see it but, boy, you can feel it! The only way I can describe the sensation is like when you are at the beach and the wind whips the sand on your legs - you know, that intense sand burn feel??? Luckily with this product, you can control how intense the sensation is depending on how vigorously you rub it into the skin. It's such a crazy feeling and one that I haven't ever experienced from a product before! It's incredibly warming on the skin and it really does feel like something you would experience from a spa treatment. The end result is incredibly smooth and hydrated skin, but without the gritty or scratchy feeling of a harsh scrub. 

The scent is also quite intense and I definitely get the "aromatherapeutic" experience. It contains the essential oils Litsea Cubeba and Ylang Ylang which totally envelop you while using the product. I definitely smell the Ylang Ylang (not sure what the other one is!) and while it's not my favourite scent, it definitely feels like I'm in a spa! 

I'm really not fussy with my body lotions - as long as it moisturises my skin and doesn't feel thick and sticky, we good. That being said, I know a good lotion when I come across one! I wouldn't necessarily call this product a body butter which I would typically associate with a thick, dense creamy product (a la The Body Shop). Biology's offering is very light and more like a lotion (I would have preferred a pump/tube packaging for sure!) but definitely delivers on the Ultra Hydrate claim, containing shea butter and a plethora of oils and plant extracts. It's definitely more hydrating than it is moisturising as it absorbs really quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling very soft with basically no oily/sticky residue at all. I am thoroughly enjoying it in the current intense heat and humidity we've been having in Brisbane lately, that's for sure! Even though it is so lightweight, it really does give lasting hydration. Even if I use it every other day, my skin still feels amazing on the off day! 

Again, the scent is aromatic and enveloping but thankfully not too intense. The essential oils of sweet orange, cardamom and cedarwood create a delightful sultry, spicy-sweet-woody scent that I quite enjoy. The scent does linger a little bit on the skin but isn't overbearing. 

I'll be honest, I don't get overly excited about body products and really didn't expect much from these but I really like them. They just seem so unique to me and really different from your typical lotions and scrubs. If you would like an at home ~spa~like experience, I recommend checking these out! I really admire the brand's ethos and also love that I actually know and can understand the ingredient lists!

*Products sent for consideration

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