Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

Rimmel is back at it again with their lip releases, and like their last launch, The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks* are pretty great! This range is a spinoff of the original The Only 1 Lipstick formula which was touted as being an all-in-one, moisturising, intense and long lasting lip product. If you read my review of the originals, you may know I wasn't the hugest fan of them. I found them to be a bit too creamy, shiny and slippy, and tended to smear and transfer easily. So, when Rimmel announced they were coming out with a matte version, I was super excited as I knew they would be much more up my alley! Keep reading for my full review and swatches of the available nine shades...

L-R: Look Who's Talking, Trendsetter, Salute, High Flyer, Leader of the Pink, Call the Shots, Take the Stage, The Matte Factor, Run The Show

The packaging is the same as the originals, only instead of shiny black, they're housed in a matte red plastic. The matte red is consistent with their other matte lipsticks (the Lasting Finish ones are also in matte red) which I enjoy! I also appreciate that each tube has a band of colour indicating the shade inside, and a colour coordinating name label on the bottom. What I dislike is the shape of the bullet. This was particularly problematic on the originals as they were so creamy that the tip just broke off of basically all of them when I was swatching them! Lucky the matte ones have a harder, drier formula so I haven't had any breakages. But, the circular shape makes it very difficult to get a precise application, particularly at the points of the lips and thinner areas. The scent also isn't my favourite, it's a strong, artificial, fruity bubblegum that can linger!

I was thoroughly impressed by the formula of these lipsticks! The matte lipsticks I've tried from Rimmel in the past have been great, so I had high hopes for these. As expected, the finish is a demi-matte that eventually settles to a matte matte on the lips that doesn't look dry or crusty. The main similarities these share with the original Only 1s is that they are creamy and very pigmented. These apply super smoothly and evenly, with the exception of the purple and brown which were a teeny bit patchy. While these aren't "moisturising", they definitely aren't drying. I find them extremely comfortable on the lips. They feel very lightweight and cushiony. Wear time is pretty good, I feel like these would look good all day if you didn't eat. When I do eat though, I definitely get some wear in the middle of the lips and have to reapply. That being said, they reapply well and don't chunk up. These aren't completely transfer-proof, but they're damn near close and they don't bleed or feather at all. I've worn a few different shades for long periods of time and I find they all still look great at the end of the day. If anything, there is a little bit of dry flakiness on my lips but that tends to happen with most lip products on my lips and it probably wouldn't be an issue if I had pre-exfoliated.

Look Who's Talking is surprisingly wearable! It looks like a super dark brown in the tube, but applied it's more of a dark brick red-brown shade. Like I said, it applies a teeny bit patchy but nothing a little bit of extra work can't fix. I really like this one - a bit of a grungy 'nude'!

Trendsetter is probably my favourite of the bunch. It's a brown nude shade that I would say is quite neutral. On me it pulls a little cooler and slightly reminds me of MAC Spirit

Salute is a pale pink nude. I didn't think this would suit me that well but I actually quite like it. It is a bit pink but I think it's just mauvey enough that it's wearable. I can see this being amazing on pale and cool-toned skins!

High Flyer is a super wearable, every day shade. It's more of a rosy-pink shade that I think would be universally flattering and go with most makeup looks! I do really like it but it's probably a tad too pink for my liking.

Leader of the Pink is a pale, bubblegum pink. This one is really neon but still wearable. Personally not to my taste as pale pinks like this look terrible on me!

Call the Shots is a classic vibrant, hot pink shade. Again, not one I'll reach for all the time, but it is gorgeous and richly pigmented! 

Take the Stage is your traditional red. I would say it's neutral, if not erring slightly on the cool side. Very pretty and also super saturated with pigment!

The Matte Factor is another fave, a deep maroon red. It's not super vampy though so a good one if you were wanting to experiment with darker berry shades.

Run the Show is the wildcard of the collection! I was excited to see a purple in the range but unfortunately it's a little too GRAPE for my liking. It's much more on the blue side rather that pink which would make it more wearable. It also does apply a little bit patchier than the others! I'll definitely keep it around though as it could be fun for mixing.

Overall, Rimmel's The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks definitely rank highly among the drugstore matte lipsticks. My favourites are the Maybelline Creamy Mattes and these definitely give them a run for their money. I enjoy the shade range though I think it leans a bit on the pink side. I would've loved to see more of those warm shades that are currently trending!

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*Products sent for consideration.

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