Colour Families // The Vivid Violets

It's been a minute since I've done a colour families post but I fully intend to keep it going! In case you're unfamiliar with my little 'series', I'm going through my collection and rounding up my products according to their colour. I've already done a couple of posts on rusty reds and berries and burgundies. Today, we're all about the vivid violets! Extra snaps when the title has alliteration ;) I have always been a lover of purple but it's been over the past year or so that I've really gotten comfortable wearing them in makeup! I've since moved on to more of the grey-toned purples (you can bet I'll have a post about those), but since summer is still in full swing I figured I'd round up the bright ones. I thought I had a bigger collection of shades like these, but my other purples tended to be more muted. It's basically just lip products and nail polishes because I can't imagine wearing a violet blush or eyeshadow!

L-R: Grind, Run The Show, Como, Bittersweet, African Violet

I just reviewed these last week so you can check out my full thoughts here. I really like the formula of these - lightweight, creamy and comfortable lipsticks with a semi-matte finish. Run The Show is a cool toned purple shade - not super violet but close enough! For some reason the swatch is looking different to my swatch in my full review, must be because of the different colours throwing off the shade. In any case, it's more blue toned so a little less wearable and it applies a little patchy too. It's not my favourite but worth mentioning!

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bittersweet
I don't think I've mentioned this ever on my blog, but I actually use this quite frequently - it's probably my favourite purple lipstick! This actual range has been discontinued and replaced with the Vice lipsticks. I'm pretty sure Bittersweet still exists in the new lineup but I'm not sure if the formula is exactly the same. It's a very creamy matte, slightly thicker than Rimmel's but still super comfortable and long lasting. Bittersweet is an amazing vibrant, pinky violet shade and very wearable and brightening.

The darkest violet of the bunch, Grind is a more blue-toned, barney purple. I adore this shade too but because it's slightly darker and more blue, it's definitely a bit more bold so I don't wear it terribly often! Again, it's a matte finish. When it comes to bold purple shades, matte is the way to go!

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in African Violet
African Violet is essentially the matte liquid lipstick version of Bittersweet, but perhaps a tiny bit more pink. I adore the formula of Sephora's cream lip stains, they are definitely up there in terms of my favourite liquid lipsticks. They have a slightly moussey formula and don't set completely to concrete but do dry down to an almost fully matte finish. Very comfortable and wears off well!

Talk about neon! Como is intense and I haven't ever worn this on its own before. It's super bright and very blue-toned. I actually love mixing this with other shades - like the others in this post - to brighten them up a bit, or alternatively, to dull down Como :P I've reviewed Stila's liquid lipsticks here, I really like the formula - they are long-lasting and reasonably comfortable.

Unfortunately this was a limited edition collaboration but I had to mention it because it's the epitome of violet! I absolutely adore this shade and wear it much more often than I thought I would. It's bright and borderline neon, but thankfully not too garish. The formula of these polishes is great; they apply smoothly and last really well!

Essie Nail Lacquer in Splash of Grenadine
If you don't want a neon purple polish, Splash of Grenadine is for you! It's a touch darker and more subdued, but still a colourful, brightening shade. It's violet but with a hint of mauve in there to make it more wearable. I love Essie polishes for their shades but their formula isn't the greatest. I find them to be generally thin and in need of at least two thick coats, and they tend to chip easily too.

I'm curious to know whether you guys rock the violet shades regularly - what are your faves? Also let me know what shade you'd like to see next in the colour families series!

*Products sent for consideration. 

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