Monthly Favourites // February 2017

Another month has come to an end, and as usual, much too quickly. This week I'm back at uni and nope nope nope, I AIN'T READY. I'm unprepared (as usual) and just sooooo not enthused for the onslaught of work, assessment and stress that is to come. Just expect blog quality to go downhill from here on out ;) (just kidding...or am I?). In all seriousness, when assessment does ramp up, the blog will definitely have to take a backseat and I hope you can all understand! Today though, I'm coming at you with my February favourites. There are definitely a few new products I've been loving, as well as some products I've rediscovered in my collection.

This is a product that has been laying low in my collection ever since I got it. It's survived my past few declutters because it's a really great sheer, tinted moisturiser that can also act as a primer, but just not something I reach for all the time. It helps even out my skintone as well as give a natural, slightly glowy finish. This past month though I've been using it as a base for mineral powder foundations and it really helps bump up the coverage, make sure everything is even and creates a nice base.

Speaking of mineral foundations, I've been reaching for this one quite a bit. I spoke about it (and the Antipodes one) at length in this post here so I won't ramble. This is my favoured of the two and I love the natural, glowy finish it gives and the lightweight feel on the skin. Worth the faff for sure!

It seems I can't shut up about this one, can I? I know I mentioned it in my favourites a few months ago, and in my review and the perfect palette tag but seriously, I just love it that much! I've been reaching for it constantly and I love my eyeshadow look every damn time. The shades that get a particular workout from me are the warm orange-y browns and Primavera - a gorgeous light gold.

I pretty rarely wear lip liner, either I can't be bothered or I just completely forget about it! On a few occasions this month though I made the effort and every time I reached for Addiction. It's an amazing slightly darker brown nude shade that goes with so many of my lipsticks. It adds definition and a bit of depth and really helps prolong the wear of my lipstick! 

By far my favourite shade of the collection, Trendsetter is an amazing browny-nude shade. Super flattering and goes with everything! I've been loving these lipsticks a lot. They're a creamy formula with a demi-matte finish that is super lightweight and comfortable on the lips!

I just did a review of this and the Body Buff so I'll keep it brief. It's a simple, hydrating body lotion that really does the job! It absorbs really quickly into the skin and doesn't leave a thick, sticky residue on the skin which is great for the hot, humid weather we've been having!

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque
I've been using quite a few new face masks over the past couple of months (post to come soon!) and I've been loving them all, but for some reason this one stands out! It's a pretty classic clay mask but isn't super thick or drying like many others can be. It applies easily - you only need a thin layer - and once dry it doesn't feel too crazy uncomfortable and tight on the skin. It washes off pretty easily and leaves the skin feeling really clean, but still smooth and not stripped. It definitely helps clear out the pores and help with acne, etc!

I hope you guys had a great February, and let me know what you've been loving! Sidenote, let me know if you notice a difference in the quality of my photos. I'm borrowing my sister's camera which is a HELLUVA lot better than mine (it's a Canon 7D) sooo I'm curious if there's a visible difference.

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