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Palettes, palettes, palettes! Lord knows I love a good palette and I've certainly amassed a big enough collection to show for it! I've been meaning to do the perfect palette tag for the looooongest time, I think someone might have tagged me to do it but it was so long ago I've forgotten who it was - sorry! I kept putting it off because I kept wanting to wait until I got that palette that was on my wishlist (which was neverending). Finally, I think I'm pretty happy with my collection and as of right now...there aren't any palettes actively calling my name! Just wait a week or two though... Shoutout to my blush/face palettes too! I love you guys ya just didn't fit any of the categories :'( Anyway, let's dive in!

Best Packaging // Too Faced Eyeshadow Collections
My favourite palette packaging is probably the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Collection because it literally looks (and smells!) like a bar of chocolate! It's sufficiently thin and not too bulky and has a decent mirror. My only qualm is that the tin has a magnetic closure that isn't super secure and can flip open at times. Also a shoutout to the Sweet Peach palette which has gorgeous peach embossings and a cute gradient effect!

Most eyeshadows these days have pretty impressive pigmentation but the Modern Renaissance Palette continues to blow me away! These are craaaazy pigmented, just check out my swatches. When applied with a brush too, you barely need a tap and it's enough! Luckily these blend amazingly too otherwise being too pigmented could be a potential problem!

Most Versatile // Lorac Pro Palette
This was actually a little difficult because a few of my palettes have a good range of different textures and tones for versatility. I couldn't, however, go past the original. The Lorac Pro Palette has half matte and half shimmery shades that range from very light to very dark with warm and cool tones in between. You can definitely create a multitude of distinct looks with this palette! I seriously don't use it enough :P

Best for Travelling // Milani Everyday Eyes Powder Eyeshadow Collection in Earthy Elements
I haven't talked about this little palette nearly enough on my blog (or at all really) but it's a stunner for travelling! It's small, compact, closes securely and has all the shades you would need for either a warm everyday eye or a deep, sultry smokey one. It's not the most versatile palette given the small number of shades and warm tones, but I can definitely get 2-3 distinct looks from this! The formula is amazing as well!

Biggest Regret and Least Used // Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette in Semblance
Aw man, I got suckered into this one. Remember when Illamasqua used to be stocked in Myer? Well, they always seemed to have clearance items that I always had to check out (and pretty often impulse bought). This was one of said impulse purchases. From what I recall, I got a pretty good deal on this one and seemed like a great purchase since I'd always wanted to try their powder blushes and cream highlighters. It also contains their much raved about Hollow pigment. The issue I have with this is that the shades are just not my favourite! The blush in Hussy is just too pink for my everyday liking, and the highlighter is a bit too dark and coppery. The brow cake isn't my shade and I feel like there is zero cohesion between the eyeshadows (which didn't have the greatest formula anyway). Plus, I dislike how it's a mix of cream and powder products all together. It's a shame since this could have been an amazing palette for travel! Sidenote, I fused these two questions together and added a 'biggest disappointment category'...

I felt the need to add this category because I don't regret purchasing this palette and I still use it pretty often, but it was just a bit of a let down! I won't ramble on as to why because I went pretty in depth in my full review, but basically I found the formula very hit and miss and the actual shade range wasn't amazing. I pretty much never use the purples and I found the "colourful" shades to be quite lacklustre on the eyes. I wouldn't have been so disappointed if this was a normal palette, but it was crazily hyped and sold out so quickly so to say my hopes were high is an understatement! If you were running to buy this palette because of all the hype, I would probably recommend against it! :P

I actually had no idea which palette to choose for this category because none of my eyeshadow palettes have particularly funny or cute shade names. I could also pick the Too Faced palettes for this one because their shade names are pretty cute and suit the themes of the palettes. I went with the Modern Renaissance just because I loved the whole theme of the palette and each shade name matches each colour and adds to the whole ~Italian Renaissance~ experience.

This was also a pretty difficult question because I don't think there's just one palette that I constantly reach for all the time. Because I have so many eyeshadows, I really consciously try to rotate them and get use out of all of them! I will say though, these two have gotten a lot of use from me. They both contain classic brown and neutral shades that are perfect for everyday looks.

I easily could've chosen a bunch of other palettes for this question like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar or ABH Modern Renaissance because I don't think I would be too fussy if I had to use one palette for the rest of my life. I did want to give this palette a shoutout though because I do love it! It has an amazing range of shades with wearable warm and cool tones, great mattes and pretty good shimmers. It's versatile but also I would use pretty much all of the shades!

I realised I skipped over the Most Loved category which is definitely hard too! Even though I've only had it for a few months, I'd probably say the ABH Modern Renaissance palette again (it's dominating this post!) because I don't think I've fallen in love with any other palette so hard and fast! I know by now a lot of you have probably already done this tag, but if you haven't...I tag you! I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse into my palette collection and I would love to hear your answers to these questions!

*Product sent for consideration. 

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