Petal to the Metal // Smashbox + Vlada Rosemantic Highlighter

If you're a beauty junkie, I'm sure you would have seen the STUNNING Smashbox + Vlada collection making the rounds. The packaging of this collection is absolutely beautiful, and I think the collection is just so well thought out. The rose and rose gold theme permeates through the colours of the products, the packaging and of course the stunning embossing (if that's what you call it) on the powders. The highlights especially called out to me (and they are completely sold out at Mecca - oops!) and they truly looked like a gorgeous collector's item! While I wasn't planning on getting anything for myself, a few of my lovely friends got me the Petal Metal Highlighter in Rosemantic for my birthday. I am so grateful - it's such a special item and one I'll certainly treasure! The duochrome shade Prismatic Petal also looked super unique, but upon closer inspection it was actually very glittery and almost had a green-ish shift to it. I'm glad my pals got me Rosemantic as it's much more wearable and one they knew I'd get use out of!


MAC's Sunny Cheek Combo

I was fully intending on doing an April favourites post, but I completely forgot about it last week! So, when I went to take photos yesterday I realised that the only new things I've been loving lately were these two cheek products from MAC, that I was due to review anyway! So yes, I'm here with a review of the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give Me Sun, and the MAC Powder Blush in Melba, which also happens to be an April favourites!


What I've Been Watching #12

I'm here today with a long overdue update on my recent TV obsessions! While it's been a hot minute since my last TV faves post, it doesn't mean I've stopped watching TV! My faves today are all new shows that I haven't spoken (or written, rather) about before. I've been keenly watching Silicon Valley and Brooklyn Nine-Nine which have recently come back, and I've also binged the new seasons of A Series of Unfortunate Events (incredible! Still love this show, it's so clever and they've gotten to the books that I hadn't read so it's new to me!), Jessica Jones (good, but nowhere near as good as season 1. Again, way too long) and Santa Clarita Diet (still v funny and a good quick watch!). I also watched Nailed It! (hilarious and a good, nothing-to-do type of show) and Everything Sucks (didn't love it but the ending brought it home). 


Skincare Haul // April 2018

It's been a little while since I've really bought new skincare! I'm the kind of person who buys in bulk and hoards backups, which usually means I have a bunch of products just waiting to be used in my drawers. This haul is probably no exception - these products will probably sit in my drawers for a little while before I actually get to using them haha! That being said, most of these backups were needed! So, let's dive in!


ColourPop Reviews #4

It seems like Colourpop is the only brand I ever talk about on here anymore...but can you blame me? I'm still thoroughly enjoying their products, and I'm here to share the batch of reviews from my last big order! As I say in basically every post, I just can't get enough of Colourpop! They have such a wide range of products, colours and finishes, and all at super affordable prices. The fact that they keep pumping out new releases doesn't help either! I told myself this would be my last order for a looong while though...