Like Music to my Ears #1

Good music is something I depend on to get through an otherwise extremely boring and tedious day. I'm listening to stuff constantly! While studying, blogging, commuting, even in the shower on occasion! I thought today I would share a few albums (and a podcast!) that I've been jamming out to lately. I don't have any specific taste in genre, I must say it's pretty eclectic; ranging from Pop to Alternative and everything in between (...except for Country probs)! If you couldn't tell, I'm sooort of trying to introduce a few random/non-beauty related posts to the blog! I'm starting off easy with my favourite music and TV shows and I'm not sure what else is in store hehe, though I'm open to suggestions!

Hozier Hozier
I've only recently started listening to Hozier's album, and I don't know why I didn't start sooner! I'd heard Take Me to Church occasionally on the radio (as well as watching him perform at the Victoria's Secret show ;) ) and enjoyed what I heard. I'm absolutely in love with his sound! It's really quite mellow and bluesy/folky which isn't typically what I gravitate toward? Really loving it though, as well as the man himself - he's adorable! He's humble and I really just admire his values and perception of music. I also love his Irish-ness haha, and he certainly knows how to rock a man-bun :P

The Preatures Blue Planet Eyes
Aaaah, I discovered The Preatures through Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2013 - Is This How You Feel was just so damn catchy and jiggy! I absolutely loved it! They released their debut album last year and I legitimately love every track! I really quite enjoy their style, it's rock'n'roll, but alternative and indie but also very catchy! Hard to explain, plus, you know, I have no knowledge of musical technicalities at all. Definitely check 'em out, reppin' the Aussies!

Purity Ring Another Eternity
Another recent addition, though I do remember listening to and really enjoying one of their earlier songs, Fineshrine. Their album is really great, very much akin to Chvrches which is another band I love. The vocals are quite similar, as well as just the synthpop style in general! I really quite like every track on the album which isn't always the case!

Chet Faker Built on Glass
I'm almost embarrassed to admit that when the number 1 track was played for the Hottest 100 of 2014...I wasn't too familiar with it! It was Talk is Cheap and after hearing and quite enjoying it, I went ahead and started listening to his whole album (turns out I knew a couple of his other songs, so not all was lost). His tracks are super mellow and relaxed, great lounge music haha! His voice is so soulful and smooth, especially in the live performances I've watched on Youtube heh. 

Childish Gambino Kauai
Donald Glover!!! So as you guys know, I had a bit of a revival with Community (the TV show) and subsequently decided to listen to some more of Childish Gambino's music (I really liked 3005 and Sober from the few times I'd heard it). Kauai definitely has a few gems on it, it really does take you to an Island Paradise with just the overall feel being very laidback and fun. Thoroughly enjoy jammin' out to his tunes!

The one podcast, and actually the only podcast I listen too lel. To be fair, I actually only just started listening to this (have only fully listened to the first episode). My friend Yasmin has been hounding me to listen to this podcast for months, but to be completely honest, I had no interest! After many others began talking about it, I finally decided to download it! It's also because now I'm at uni, I actually have like hour long trips on public transport to commute, and not gonna lie, sometimes music can be a wee bit boring! Anyway, back to Serial, I'm sure you guys have all heard of it but it's basically about a murder case that happened in 1999 and it investigates whether or not the man charged for the murder actually did it, etc, etc. So far I'm really enjoying, it's really got me interested and I'm looking forward to making my bus trips more exciting!

Excuse the fact that I'm incapable of describing music and sound in general...you'll have to just listen for yourself! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you've listened to any of these artists before, and also who you've been loving!