Lashings of Rimmel

Rimmel is not a brand I would necessarily go to for mascaras, nor is it a brand that gets many raves for its mascaras, but, if you actually went to the Rimmel stand, you'd notice they have a load of different mascaras. It's actually really surprising. However, quality over quantity right? I've managed to come into the possession of two Rimmel mascaras; the Lash Accelerator Endless and the new Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss*. Keep reading for my thoughts on them!

Lash Accelerator Endless
I'll start off with this guy which I've had for quite a while. Yeah...I don't really abide by the whole 3 month mascara rule. Anyway! This tube has been going strong for a decent while and it's flitted onto my blog a few times through various favourites posts and the like. When I first started using this, I found it to be quite a natural mascara, which is definitely what I like for everyday. It claims a "grow lash complex + fibres", and while I find it gives me decent length, I actually don't think it contains any fibres? Along with length, it adds thickness but not too much volume. As I continued to use it, the formula dried out a little bit and I definitely found it got a bit more dramatic (but still not cray cray). I find it builds really well and gives a bit more thickness and volume. I really like the brush; it's plasticy and has a good amount of bristles that don't clump the mascara onto my eyelashes. I wouldn't say this has helped my lashes grow, but I do think it's quite kind to my lashes. It's not waterproof, so it doesn't hold a curl, but I don't find this to smudge badly at all which is good!

Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss*
I wasn't quite sure what to expect from their latest release, but for some reason, I was expecting drama and tonnes of volume. Unfortunately, this mascara didn't wow me at all. I immediately noticed that the formula of this mascara is very wet. That combined with the large "broken heart" brush, made this mascara very messy to apply. I don't get the idea behind the brush. I just find it too big and odd of a shape to work with, but then again, I have super small eyes and short lashes, so I prefer smaller brushes. While it does coat the mascara really well, it doesn't build it up or amount to much on the lashes. My lashes are slightly lengthened, slightly thickened...and that's about it. At least it didn't clump though! It really did not make much of an impact on me, especially considering I don't have much to work with in the lash department. Another thing to note, which I also think is due to the wet formula, is that it smudges like cray on me! I can handle some smudging, but this mascara basically smudges after 30 minutes. Same as in application, it's super messy to remove. It sort of smears everywhere and I was surprised at how much came off considering it didn't look like much on my lashes.

So yeah, one hit and one miss! While I like the Lash Accelerator Endless it's nothing outstanding or repurchase worthy. Unfortunately Rimmel, you're still not my first port of call for mascara!

Have you tried any Rimmel mascaras?

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*Product sent for consideration.