Colouring Inside the Lines

Can we just appreciate how appropriate my background is today?! Yay for brightly coloured, random prints! Lip crayons are no new thing. While the "sheer, balmy" kinds have had their run, the bold and pigmented pencils are stealing the spotlight! Today I have a couple of Maybelline's Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils to review, Fab Orange and Nude Perfection. These have been out in the UK for a while and have gotten a lot of hype for supposedly being dupes of the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils. I haven't tried those (though, I do love my one Satin Lip Pencil) but you know me, Miss Cheapskate, I'm always up for trying a budget alternative! And budget these are indeed, they only cost $9.95 a pop! Yay for reasonable prices :D

L-R: Fab Orange, Nude Perfection

The packaging is nothing remarkable. They're pretty small and adorable, but unfortunately, like the NARS ones, these pencils need to be sharpened. Cue major UGH. What I do like though, is that they have the corresponding shade on the end of the pencil, so easy to navigate if you store your lip crayons in a cup (or rather, a giant pinapple jar thang) like I do!

So, whilst I haven't tried the NARS ones, these do have a similar premise, though methinks not as matte of a finish. I'd say the Maybelline pencils have more of a satin-matte finish which is in no way drying, but very long-lasting. The beeeeeeeest of both worlds, I guess ;) The formula and texture of these is pretty damn lovely. They are super creamy - though not to the point where the tip of the pencil is smooshed in no time - and easy to apply. While prepped lips beforehand are ideal, these actually don't catch onto flakies too badly, but can accentuate them over wear time, as with most lipsticks I find. Fab Orange lasts particularly well since it's a bold shade and it slightly stains my lips. It wears well with minimal eating/drinking, but it ain't bulletproof! It will inevitably need touching up after 4-5 hours, or a greasy meal. Nude Perfection is a similar story, but it doesn't stain the lips and sort of disappears a bit quicker, but still has great wear time! As you can tell from the swatches, these have full colour payoff with minimal effort at all. Speaking of my swatches, sorry for how sad and sallow my face looks! I couldn't be bothered to touch up my face makeup and well, the lighting is making me look blue :/ I didn't want to mess with colour balance too much for fear of altering the lipstick colours!

Fab Orange is more of an orange-toned red than a straight out orange. I thoroughly enjoy this shade as I felt a warm red was missing from my collection! Nude Perfection is a mauvey-brown nude that has somewhat of that Kylie Jenner/90s air about it. I think it would be a great alternative for MAC Velvet Teddy, which I don't own, but have tried. Velvet Teddy is slightly lighter and less pink from my recollection.

These are great little options if you're looking for a pencil that packs a punch! With a super solid colour range, there's most likely a colour for everyone! I definitely recommend checking them out :)

Have you guys tried these pencils yet?

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