An ASOS Haul.

Since starting uni, outfit planning for every day has been a real struggle. Well, actually I only go in to uni three days a week, heh heh :P Who knew I would miss having a school uniform?? I don't often go clothes shopping, if I do, it's usually in sales and I only get like one thing. Can I be bothered to try stuff on?!?? But anyway, I made an ASOS order. I just really like ASOS; it's cheap and they have an awesome range of stuff. I like their "catwalk" feature as well, tres helpful. My haul's actually not that huge, but I picked up a few "basics" and other such "uni appropriate" attire. Pfft, I wear what I want bish. Also, apologies for shoddy photos and CREASED CLOTHING. Fashion ain't my forte, and I'm lazy.

Singlet in Grid Print
Grid print is a trend right now?? I think?? Regardless, I've been seeing it around and me gusta. I like the simple black and white situation, and I've been getting more into the whole monochrome shiz. Can be dressed up, or down and I just think it looks cool. 

Cropped Boyfriend T-Shirt with Roll Sleeve
I got the navy shade, mainly because it was on sale heh, but I just want more basic tees in my life! It's comfy, soft and casual. It slightly annoys me though that the bottom isn't hemmed... :/

Tall 2 pack Culottes in Plain and Abstract Print
Wot a rebel I am, buying from the "Tall" range when I'm anything but. Let's be real though, we don't want them shorts to be CHEEK SKIMMING. Anyway, these Culottes (fancy word ay) are basically like super comfy, flowy shorts that look like a skirt. They're high-waisted which I like, except the elastic is STRONG, so the waist band is preeeeeetty tight, therefore negating the comfy principle... But they're basic and me likey, just don't have a food baby yo!

Interchangeable Strap Watch
I've been thoroughly enjoying the minimalist watch trend, and now that I've actually started wearing a watch, I thought I would invest! I had my heart set on a The Horse watch but chickened out of spending that much money on something so small lol, maybe one day! I was first notified of ASOS' lovely watch range from Holly, and stumbled across this bebby. Granted, it wasn't that cheap, but less than half the price of The Horse! Plus, it comes with an interchangeable strap so BASICALLY TWO WATCHES IN ONE. I love the simple face, and the rose gold detailing is so pretty!

Mismatch Spike Swing Earrings
These were a bit of an impulse buy, but they just look so damn cool! The whole swing earring trend, or "ear jackets" have got me intrigued, and I loved the look of them. Plus, earrings that don't match? BADASS. Unfortunately, due to my teeny, tiny earlobes, these aren't so much "ear jackets" as they are...ear...umbrellas? Wow that analogy did not work out. Basically there's a significant gap between my earlobe and the earring lol, if that makes sense. They still look pretty good though!

Hope you guys enjoyed my random, rambly fashion haul. I rally need to up my fashion game tho D:

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