Monthly Favourites // February 2015

Farewell February, you probably won't be missed. Half of February I was extremely anxious and nervous for starting university, while the other half was O-week and actually at uni! So far it's been pretty okay, can't say I've made many friendlies (*cough* typical) but there'll be plenty of time for that...right???? So now that I'm a uni student and all, I've sort of been getting back into the groove of daily makeup, and sussing out what's "appropriate". I've noticed that not a lot of people wear much makeup to uni so I haven't exactly been pulling out the bold lips or smoky eyes...but here is what I've been wearing a lot of! Also...it's Autumn now! Thought I'd get into the spirit with a knit background lel, even though I probably won't be wearing this till Winter - it's still hot as a mofo out there!

Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination skin in Medium and Heroine Make Lasting Mineral BB Cream in 02
Typical me, back on the BB train! Funnily enough, basically a year ago I think I was enjoying the same combination of products. I rarely wear each of these alone because the Garnier is slightly too dark/orangey and the Heroine Make is slightly too pale, so they pretty much make my perfect shade when mixed! Anyway, I just find both of these to be really lovely. They give a sheer/medium coverage, easily blended with a really natural satin finish and good lasting power. They're pretty much the perfect everyday base!

So remember how I was loving the Australis Contour Kit? I still do, but I find it a bit of a faff for everyday since when I use it I like to use a few shades, plus the formula is really soft and you have to be quite careful with it. The Sleek kit however is pretty amazing for everyday (basically just the bronzer/contour side though, the highlighter rarely gets used, soz). The darker shade is a great shade that acts as both a bronzer and a contour. It's not too dark, and while it's not orangey/reddy, it still adds warmth, as well as shade and definition. The formula is pigmented but blendable and no fuss really. Perf.

Topshop Glow in Gleam
Flower gleam and glowwww, let your power shine!! Can't not think of that song when I use this product, for serial. But anyway, just like Rapunzel's hair, this shiz is magical. It's really very pigmented so you only need a dab, but it just adds the most stunning natural, wet sheen to the cheeks which I loooove. The colour isn't too apparent (it's really all sheen errythang) but it is a really pretty warm, light bronze sort of shade that's super complementary to my skintone.

THROWBACKKK! Wowza, I really loved this palette back in 2013, then it didn't get much use last year, but I'm BACK ON IT BEBBY. For a natural eyeshadow look I love matte shades, and while I'm in love with the mattes in the Lorac Pro Palette, they're all quite deep and not as warm as I might like. This Napoleon palette though really fills that hole. I've actually been using the middle (designed for cheeks) shades like the peachy tan shade as a transition, the bronzer in the crease and one of the highlights on my lid and brow bone. If I'm feelin fancy I'll use the deepest shade on the outer corner. This palette really is nude though, it's barely detectable yet it adds so much dimension to my eyeballz. The formula is super softly blendable as well.

Essence Lipliner in In the Nude
WELL GUESS WHO JOINED THE LIPLINER TEAM? Took me long enough hey...since I've had a few Essence Lipliners in my collection just chillin'. I've really been gravitating towards the nudey lip shades (they're just so damn wearable, another post for another day though) and this makes a great base for a lot of them, though I've really been loving pairing it with the Clarins lip gloss in Petal Shimmer. Even though I don't overdraw my lips it just makes them look fuller and more pouty?? It adds more dimension and colour to an otherwise sheer, barely there gloss (which I love in its own right anyway!).

L'oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Eva's Nude
Released last month, the Collection Exclusive nudes are a limited edition range of nude lipsticks and nail polishes inspired by the various L'oreal spokeswomen! I was incredibly drawn to Eva Longoria's shade, plus I had a voucher and staff discount to seal the deal ;) It's a really pretty peachy nude though, with slight brown tones. The formula is creamy and pigmented with a slight sheen. I don't find it moisturing, yet it's not particularly drying on me either. Just another of those incredibly wearable, goes with everything lipsticks!

So things have been quite nudey and wearable this month, but I'm really loving the more subtle makeup look! Wanna be understated and chic for uni ;) Project myself as better than I actually am LOL. What have you guys been loving this past month?