Bouquet of Blushes

When I first heard and saw photos of this palette online...I was like, "I'M GONN' NEED DAT". So pretty much as soon as it popped up on the Mecca website, I trotted off in store and BOUGHT THE DAMN THING. My love for blush is just too strong. The palette which I so eagerly dropped my "hard-earned" money on is the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Colour dual lip and cheek palette. I already own one of the CCs in full size (Gerbera) and I love that shiz dearly, I'm pretty sure it's my favourite cream blush formula. Knowing I loved the formula already, obviously I had to get this limited edition palette with basically every colour they make???

Look at me going outside!!!!1!1!11! :O #onewithnature

The outer packaging is nothing special to be honest. It's just plastic but it does have weight to it, a magnetic closure and a pretty decent mirror. It's basically the same packaging as their new bronzer, but also their new(er) eyeshadow palettes. I do wish the outer packaging was like the eyeshadow palettes though - the metallic-ness is quite pretty! An issue with that though (probably my only qualm) is that the pans are very small (1g each) which makes it difficult to shove your brush in there. I usually use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush which works excellently with cream blush. I can still use it by pinching the bristles to fit in the pan, but I decided to try the RT Contour Brush which basically fits in perfectly and I've really been enjoying that to apply these! You can also, of course, use your fingers which apply the product pretty easily as well!

On the whole, the formula is pretty much exactly the same as my full sized version; super pigmented, creamy, blendable and leaving a natural, glowy-ish finish to the cheeks and relatively long lasting. I will say though that the texture is just a tad different? My full size one is very creamy but also thick and almost paste-like in some cases? I feel like these smaller pans are a little thinner and more on the balmy side. A very minor difference that doesn't really change anything though! I've tried pretty much all of the shades on my cheeks but haven't given them a proper go on the lips. I wasn't a fan of Gerbera on the lips (found it a bit drying/accentuated dryness, plus the colour isn't great on the lips) so I basically delegated this palette just for cheek usage, though their main claim is that they're multi-use. Seeing as this does contain a multitude of different shades, I really should give it a go on the lips but I don't see how I could reapply throughout the day! That's the main inconvenience I see with lip palettes, I don't want to lug the thing plus a lip brush around with me!

Shade-wise there is a really good mix of brights and neutrals! I do think, however, that a few of the neutrals are a bit similar and I sort of wish a couple of them were replaced by more straight up pink or purple colours. Otherwise, you really can't argue when you have 12 different colours to choose from! They also mix together really well so there is literally an endless amount of options!

L-R: Lilium, Magnolia, Tulip, Camellia, Peony, Rose

Lilium is a light, dusty pink with a more neutral/cool tone.

Magnolia is a brown-mauve type of neutral colour.

Tulip is a raspberry toned red.

Camellia is the peachier sister of Magnolia but still very much in the brown family.

Peony is a very subtle peachy-pink sort of a colour, subdued with quite a bit of brown/neutral tones. I'd say this is my favourite of the "nude" shades!

Rose is the other red-ish colour of the palette and is a lot more brown/brick toned.

L-R: Gladiola, Peach Blossom, Hibiscus, Gerbera, Petunia, Fuchsia

Gladiola is the orange of the palette with enough peach to stop it being TOO orange.

Peach Blossom is probably my favourite out of the whole palette (typical). It's the quintessential creamy, peachy-pink shade.

Hibiscus is a corally-red colour. Super vibrant and pretty!

Gerbera when swatched up against the other colours, is a super pale warm pink with the slightest creamsicle-peach tones. For some reason I think this looks slightly paler than my full size but I'm an idiot and haven't swatched them side by side yet!

Petunia is a bright, warm pink. It's almost has a "bleached neon" vibe to it.

Fuchsia is a bright, blue-toned, hot fuchsia pink.

With this palette in my stash, I certainly have all of my cream blush bases covered (she says as she proceeds to purchase more cream blushes...but seriously, Stila's new watercolour blushes look SO PRETTY). More often than not I'll just mix a couple of shades together to get the exact colour I want, which really makes it all the more valuable in my collection! I'm not sure if the palette is still available (I can't find it on the Mecca website anymore) but the majority of these shades are permanently available in full size! I paid $68 for it which is reasonable in my opinion, seeing as one full size (4.25g) costs $36. Forever using maths to justify my purchases. :P

Are you a fan of the Stila Convertible Colours?