Like Music to My Ears #2

It's time for a music update, y'all! Not much has changed since my last "music-y" post, I still really like all of those albums, as well as Andy Bull who I mentioned in a recent favourites post, but there are a few new tunes my ears have been enjoying!

Of Monsters and Men Beneath the Skin
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss. I absolutely LOVED OMAM's first album and was SO KEEN for their second. Guys, it's reaaaalll good. There's only one song that I'm not that keen on (Thousand eyes, FYI) but I seriously love the rest. OMAM hail from Iceland and they have to be one of my favourite bands. They're music is really unique and their voices are amazing. You guys know I legit can't describe music and genre because I know nothing about it, but according to Wikipedia they are "indie-folk pop". Sounds about right. Anyway, they amaze and chill and, just, LISTEN TO THEM.

Halsey Room 93
I had never heard of Halsey before but my friend Yasmin was liking her, and Yas' music recs are always the best ;). Room 93 is an EP so there are only a few songs on there but I really like them all! Again, according to Wikipedia, she is indie-pop, and there is also some synth(?) instrument-ness there which is definitely a genre I enjoy. I really like her voice too - it's a bit wispy. Lol, I can't take my descriptions seriously. I'm also not usually a fan of remixes but the remixes of her EP are actually really good!

The Wombats Glitterbug
The Wombats is a band whose songs I've always heard but never really sought out, ya feel me? I decided to give their newest album, Glitterbug, a listen (also on Yasmin's recommendation) because it was study/exam period and I needed some new jams. I'd say they're of the pop-rock genre and it's the kind of music you can just have on in the background and occasionally jig out to but not really pay attention to, you know? I'm not crazy in love with their stuff but it's an easy listen!

Florence + The Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Another new release from an artist I've loved for a long time! Florence's distinct voice is just sooo beautifully epic and AWESOME. Seriously, think of all of the epic moments in a tv show...7 times out of 10 they play a Florence + The Machine song. FACT. Their genre is quite hard to describe also, it's like indie-folky-just plain awesome? If you've liked any of their hit singles from the past, definitely give their new album a listen :)