The Long Night is coming, and the dead (skin) come with it

Gotta love a good ol' Game of Thrones related title eh?!? I was tempted to do 'Winter is Coming' but gosh darn that is so cliche, so I went with a quote from Jon Snow (... :'( ) in the latest season. ANYWAY, it is currently Winter in Australia, and as I type this up, I'm huddled in my onesie next to the warm coals of a dwindling fire (dat imagery). I wanted to do a post about products I love when the weather gets colder to help combat dry skin and other wintery blues, so here it is!

Sneaky Sansa adding to the GoT homage.

First up for the face! My skin has definitely gotten drier with the colder weather, and these products have been helping keep it moisturised and glowy!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater
I've already talked about this in a favourites post but I've seriously been obsessed with it. I use it morning and night after my regular toner just to add a bit of hydration back to my skin, plus I just like the ritual of spritzingggg. As you can see, I am very nearly finished which is a bit scary seeing as I haven't had it that long, but it's only around $9 so I'll definitely be repurchasing!

Sukin Facial Treatment Oil
This is my first Sukin product which I got in a Priceline goodie bag and I was surprised by how much I like it! I've been using it for the past month or so and while it's not vastly different from any other facial oil, it's a good one. It is comprised of various oils such as argan, rose hip, maracuja and jojoba oils. It sinks into the skin well but adds a boost of moisture and glow to the skin. I use it both morning and night and don't find it disturbs any makeup I put over the top!

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Riche
I just talked about this in my last post but damn I love this moisturiser. It's so moisturising and creamy on the skin, yet the texture itself isn't thick or dense? It absorbs really well and leaves a pretty glow to the skin. I've reserved this as my night cream but if you have drier skin you could probably use this in the morning as well!

Benefit It's Potent!*
I've been using this eye cream for a decent few months and have really been liking it, but haven't mentioned it really on the blog! I don't find it to be miraculously different to any other eye creams I've tried, but I find it to really moisturise under my eyes and decrease puffiness to a degree! It's a lovely eye cream but I'm not sure I would repurchase! 

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
YAAAAASS. I picked this up the other week to get the Priceline Skincare goody bag - just in time for Winter really! I've been wanting this for so long and I'm so glad I finally have it! It smells just like the Vanilla Pod Day Cream - a.k.a the best smell ever (vanilla-jasmine deliciousness) and has a lightweight creamy consistency. I'm not entirely sure how much to use because it sort of disappears into the skin, but around 2 peas works for me. I leave it on for 15 minutes and after rinsing, my skin feels super soft and moisturised! Manuka honey is also an antibacterial and I totally notice my skin looking slightly clearer the next morning! In some cases I feel like it's helped clear up small breakouts by bringing them to a head.

Now for da bod-eh.

Sanctuary Spa 5 Day Moisture Creamy Body Oil
This may have quite the misleading name (5 days is a bit much and it's not really an oil...) but it's a really lovely body lotion. While it is a cream, it does have a bit of an oily feel which really adds to its moisturising power. I find using this can save my skin from that disgusting desert, spider web dry territory (lovely.) which is always what ya want in the Winter time. I'm very lazy when it comes to moisturising my body in the Winter because even though my skin is a lot drier, who's gonna see it under my long pants???? So, using this every few days works a treat :)

Speaking of desert, spider-dry legs...if I feel they really need reinvigorating, I go in with this sugary scrub. This also has a bit of an oily base which definitely leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised! Not much to say other than this helps prep the skin for lotion and scrub off dat army of the dead [skin].

The hands have actually been feeling pretty dry lately as well, so I've gotten back into the ol' ritual of applying hand cream before bed. This has been the one I've been using lately and really liking. It's not crazy intense but I find it leaves my hands feeling fairly moisturised and soft, but not heavy or greasy.

Plunkett's Intensive Vitamin E Ointment*
Ahh, always gotta have a multi-purpose balm on hand in the Winter time. This ointment consists mainly of vitamin E and rosehip oil and boasts over 150 uses, many of which, not gonna lie, are a bit bullsh*t though lol (e.g. relieves sunburn on face/ears/back/chest/nose/etc - can you not just count that as one use not seven???). AnyWAy, some of the legit uses are as lip balm, moisturiser for dry areas and several first aid uses. I've been using this occasionally as a lip balm though mostly for my dry cuticles and it's been working really well! It's not to thick or sticky which I like and really melts into the skin well.

What do you guys like using when the weather cools down?

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*Products provided for consideration.