Monthly Favourites // July 2015

Well, July came and went like THAT! *snaps finger for dramatic effect*. Legit though, I feel like I did absolutely nothing with my mid year break, oops. I did redo/move into my new room, so there's that!? Room tour coming soon(ish) - that is, if you want one! heh :P Anyway, favourites wise I did try quite a few new products throughout the month that you can check out in my haul. Some I acquired more towards the beginning of the month, and others more recently which will probably show up in my August faves! 

Hada Labo Cleansing Oil
I haven't mentioned this guy on my blog for soo long I feel like! It's an injustice really because it truly is a staple in my routine! If ever I'm wearing a lot of face makeup or waterproof mascara, I opt to remove it all with this which works amazingly. It really does get everything off without being at all harsh or stripping. Lately though, I've been using this twice and then going in with cleanser and I feel like my skin is slightly better? I guess going in for that extra cleanse really helps but isn't irritating for my skin at all - if anything my skin is more moisturised!

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask
I mentioned this in my Winter skincare post but it's really been a skin saviour in the cooler weather! When it comes to masks, my collection was definitely lacking in the "moisturising" department, and this fills that hole perfectly! I slather it on my face and leave it for 15-20 minutes (or as long as I can, really). Once I rinse it off, my skin feels super soft and moisturised. I do find it slightly clarifying - to a degree - but I really find my skin benefits from the moisture it provides!

MAC Opulash mascara
This mascara is making a reappearance, it's been just about a year since I last mentioned it, it feels like! (plz don't judge me as to how long I keep my mascaras :P) I just really like this mascara though?! It legit DOES NOT SMUDGE, which, for a non-waterproof mascara is pretty fricken' amazing. Even my waterproof mascaras leave a few little smudgies behind but honestly this mascara is my go-to if I know I'm going to be out all day. It gives quite a natural effect but can be built up. It doesn't clump which is great, but also doesn't hold a curl which is not-so great.

Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers
I did get this towards the beginning of the month despite only just hauling it! It's been my go-to when it comes to bronzing and contouring. I initially thought Chocolate Soleil would be good for all over bronzing and Dark Chocolate Soleil for contouring, but it's actually the other way round! I find Dark Chocolate to be a lot warmer in tone so it works well for an all over warmth and slight definition. Chocolate Soleil looks awesome under the cheekbones as it has a cooler tone, but it's still warm enough that it looks great all over as well. I've also been enjoying Pink Leopard as a blushy-warmth-giver and Snow Bunny as a slight highlight! All of the powders blend effortlessly, last really well and the shimmer in some of the shades is pretty and luminous - never OTT!

Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
This angled blush brush is definitely my favourite from the set of Zoeva brushes I got for my birthday. I've been especially loving it for powder blush but it works amazingly with highlighters as well. It just applies the product perfectly, it fits so well in ma cheek area and the bristles are soft with just enough fluffiness!

Not a new favourite but I've absolutely been loving this in combination with the Zoeva 127 brush! I find it applies it a bit more generously than something like a fan brush that I was using before. The really pretty, almost duochromatic sheen comes through and looks especially gorgeous when topped over other peachy blush shades.

Since I've been opting for the more peachy cheek and highlighter situation (honestly what's new), this lipstick has been an easy go-to. I think this may be my favourite peach lipstick?! I usually find a lot of paler peachy shades to look garish and clash with my skintone because they have a white base, but this one is slightly sheer and just looks really pretty on. Totally worth the cheap price tag as the formula ain't too shabs either!

A slightly shorter favourites this time around, I hope you enjoyed it! Well, back to being busy with Uni now - sigh. What have you been loving this month?

*Product sent for consideration.